Cupping and Gua Sha with Bruce Bentley

Due to the Covid-19 worldwide lockdown, courses will be rescheduled.

 Date: To be Announced

 Join Bruce Bentley,   a pioneer in Traditional   Medicine for more than 40 years, for three   workshops on Gua Sha, Traditional and   Modern Cupping Therapy, here in Ireland.

Join us for Bruce’s first ever workshops in Ireland.

Cupping can be taken into any healing setting. Being practiced for so long by every culture should go a long way to highlight its adaptability and success as a treatment. The aim of these workshops is to equip the practitioner to be informed, creative and versatile while saving your hands and getting great results, even with stubborn and otherwise difficult cases.

These courses can be taken separately or you may attend all three for the most comprehensive training available in these very practical and effective treatments.

Ireland Courses to be scheduled:

Gua Sha  – 1 day course

Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping – 3 day course

Modern Cupping Therapy – 2 day course

Advanced Certificate in Integrated Cupping Therapy – combined  5 days

Workshops are ideal for anyone that holds a previous qualification as Massage therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and all other practitioners dealing with soft tissue syndromes and myofascial problems – including practitioners who perform mobile services or do corporate massage involving seated treatments – will find this workshop very informative and practical.

Gua Sha Workshop: 

This is a one-day intensive workshop that is the perfect complement to cupping. Typically, Gua Sha is very effective for treating all forms of injury, as well as heat syndromes, dizziness, chills and aches, as well as stiffness, reduced mobility, improving circulatory, digestive issues and strengthening and boosting the immune system. In short, it has been said: “if there is illness, Gua Sha treats it; if there is no illness, it strengthens our bodies”.

Course to include:

  • Historical overview and explanation of ‘sha’ and how it affects the body
  • Demonstration of how to apply gua sha
  • Discussion concerning the best tools to use for gua sha, and the appropriate methods and levels of pressure to get the best results. Discussion includes contraindications and cleaning requirements.
  • Treatment for the face and head to benefit headache, fatigue, heatedness including sunstroke, tiredness of the eyes, facial palsy
  • Gua sha throughout the neck. shoulders, arms and back to treat injury, fever, common cold, stiff neck, stress and fatigue, reduced mobility and more. The latest research and treatment for mastitis will also be presented.
  • Performing gua sha throughout the hips and legs to benefit restless legs syndrome, hip pain
  • Learning and practising a complete body treatment, including on the abdomen, using gua sha to improve circulatory disorders, aid digestion and intestinal function, strengthen the entire, body and boost the immune system

The course is designed to be hands on and students will receive ample time to practice during the course.


  • Water Buffalo Horn,
  • 2 large towels

Workshop Date: TBA
Time: 10am -6pm
Cost: €155

Cupping Courses:

Advanced Certificate in Integrated Cupping Therapy:

This 5 day course consists of the 3 day Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping followed by the 2 days of Modern Cupping Therapy.

Students can attend either course separately, or attend both, for the most comprehensive training available in this very practical and effective treatment.


  • 6 each: large, medium and small glass cups
  • A lighter
  • 6-inch sponge forceps.
  • 2 medium sized glass jars (4-5 inches high) with tight fitting lids.
  • 2 Large towels
  • 2 sets of silicon cups

Workshop Date: TBA
Time: 10am -6pm
Cost: €720

Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping:

In the 3-day Master Class you will discover a whole world of traditional cupping. After completion you will confidently take a huge amount of cupping know-how and practices directly to your clinic.

In the three days you will learn:

  • The most refined ways of applying cups and the 5 vacuum levels
  • Diagnosis of cupping marks
  • Cupping Deficiency – to restore chronic soft tissue imbalances
  • Russian cupping massage
  • Treatments for sports injuries
  • Chinese and Vietnamese cupping to alleviate many forms of pain and discomfort
  • Treatments for common cold and other respiratory problems
  • Cupping combined with hands-on treatments and much more

An emphasis in class will be on learning simple and effective ways to confidently diagnose and how to apply the correct method and vacuum level to restore health and balance.

Two essays vital to this workshop are:

Cupping Deficiency ( and

A Cupping Mark is not a Bruise. (

Both characterise the quality of what to expect from this essential 3 days exploring the roots and the best of thousands of years of cross-cultural practice.


  • 6 each: large, medium and small glass cups
  • A lighter
  • 6-inch sponge forceps.
  • 2 medium sized glass jars (4-5 inches high) with tight fitting lids.
  • 2 Large towels
Workshop Date: TBA
Time: 10am -6pm
Cost: €470

Modern Cupping Therapy: 

Now you can introduce into your practice, a compliment of completely new cupping techniques and a host of new applications for cupping using a superior range of non – flame cupping instruments.

In the Modern Cupping Therapy workshop, we use flexible silicone cups (the superior cups for facia release), Australian hand-crafted facial and bells cups and Haci magnetic cups to perform all of the new non-flame cupping practices.

In the 2 days of Modern Cupping Therapy you will learn:

  • Neck, shoulder, upper back and intercostal release methods and associations with stretching and mobilisations
  • Rehabilitation for chronic hip pain and immobility when the fascia is in disarray
  • Using small cups to clear headache, alleviate sinus pain and congestion, TMJ syndrome and help with febrile skin conditions including pimples, acne and rosacea by removing heat and conditioning the complexion

All the practices presented in Modern cupping are original and unique Health Traditions innovations. They are the result of 40 plus years research into the subject and made possible by the new tools we acquired.

Read the essay Mending the Fascia with Modern Cupping for full details about the lasting success and logic behind using silicone cupping vessels to restore discordant fascia.



  • Two sets of silicon cups,
  • 2 large towels

Workshop Date: TBA
Time: 10am -6pm
Cost: €315

Ireland Dates: To be Announced

Gua Sha Workshop:  

Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping: 

Modern Cupping Therapy: 

Advanced Certificate in Integrated Cupping Therapy: 


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