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ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy

Includes specific Aroma Therapeutic Massage techniques, Aromatherapy oils & application, Anatomy & Physiology,
Energy Management, Energy awareness & protection.

Learn professional Aromatherapy & Aroma Massage

If you just want to learn Aromatherapy, without massage, see our [Diploma in Aromatherapy]

Course Overview

This course is intended for those who wish to work as a Professional Aromatherapist

The Aromatherapy course covering the ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy, ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, ITEC Certificate in Business, Professional Conduct & Business Awareness, Green Tara College Energy Management and Awareness Certificate and a specific type of massage for Aromatherapy application. Please note this massage is different to general Swedish Holistic Massage and is more based on lymphatic drainage strokes.

The course covers Aromatherapy and the holistic field in-depth, together with personal development to enable you to work as a professional Aromatherapist and Aromatherapy Massage Therapist. Business and marketing skills are also included so you can become fully equipped to earn a living within the Holistic Health Field. The aim of this course is to train you to a very high level.

By the end of this course you will have an extremely detailed and broad knowledge of Massage and Aromatherapy. You will be fully capable and confident of entering the world of the Professional Aromatherapist and Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner with confidence and expertise.

At Green Tara College we teach from a holistic basis – including meditation at each class. We learn to energetically connect with the essential oils and clients in a safe, healing and nurturing environment. We seek to encourage your intuition and connection with the energy of each oil and your intuition regarding your aromatherapy treatment for your clients. Thus your treatment will have the added ‘feel’ and benefit of being a true holistic healing experience.

Course Content & Structure

The course consists of four modules:

  1. Practical Aromatherapy & Theory, including case studies, examination and preparation classes
  2. Holistic & Spiritual approach – energy management & awareness
  3. Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Business & Client Care

Aromatherapy Module

  • History of Aromatherapy
  • Study of 42 Pure Essential Oils to include properties of each oil
  • Source and extraction of each oil/Chemical Composition of each oil
  • Blending of oils
  • 40 Hours of Case Histories (10 clients treated 4 times)
  • Hands on Aromatherapy Massage with in-depth practical training
  • Contraindications and considerations in the use of Aromatherapy
  • Benefits including principles and benefits
  • Common ailments and contraindications/Client Care
  • Exploring and understanding the Holistic Approach

Energy Management & Awareness Module

Students will become aware of energy and how it works in our everyday life, as well as the philosophies and practices of working as an Energetic Practitioner. You will learn how to build and preserve your own energy so they are not exhausted after giving a treatment.

Subjects Covered  

  • What is energy and understanding energy
  • Correct breathing, breath and energy
  • Why we need protection
  • Techniques for protection
  • Techniques to increase the therapist’s energy and energy ability
  • The mind and energy
  • Room clearance
  • Room blessing
  • House clearance
  • House blessing
  • Helping the clients to heal through energy
  • Increasing the effect of the treatment incorporating subtle energy techniques
  • Working with guides and angels for protection
  • Attracting all that is good and beautiful
  • Techniques for dealing with negative and psychic attack
  • Manifesting with energy
  • Creating a safe energetic space to work in
  • Dealing with ‘heavy energy’ clients
  • Grounding
  • Grounding in your everyday life
  • Grounding during your treatment
  • Protecting the client
  • Grounding the client
  • Bringing healing to the client

Academic Awards

  • ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy – Level 3 UK
  • ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology – Level 3 UK
  • ITEC Certificate in Professional Conduct & Business Awareness – Certificate of achievement
  • Green Tara Certificate in Energy Management & Awareness – Free course

Upon successful completion of all the Modules you will carry the internationally recognized ITEC Aromatherapy qualification which enables you to carry out a full or practical body Aromatherapy massage and to work as an Aromatherapist.  This means that you will be working as a Holistic Therapist – you can join Professional Associations and gain Practitioner Insurance. As the practitioner, you will have acquired the skills to communicate and facilitate the client in consultation. You will have an ingrained knowledge of energy management. If this is your first Diploma, you will be able to easily add many other holistic therapy qualifications as you will hold an Irish and internationally recognized Holistic Therapy qualification – which means you can travel anywhere in the world with it.


The College will provide all necessary teaching equipment.
The equipment that you will need is minimal and includes:

  • Large ring binder folder to hold A4 Sheets
  • Clip Board
  • Hair ties/ hair band/boots antiseptic wipes – blue pack in first aid department
  • Hand Gel (antiseptic), Dettol or Lidl Equipment wipes (for all classes)
  • No jewellery except wedding band (practical massage only)
  • 2 Large Plain Black Bath Sheet Towels, 3 hand towels – all plain Black for exam (any colour for class)
  • Massage table cover – available to buy from Green Tara College
  • Professional Therapist Uniform to be worn to all classes – all black trousers with a crease & appropriate length, professional therapist black tunic, fully covered low heeled shoes, black socks
  • Short Nails
  • Tape Recorder –for A & P classes only (optional)
  • An Email address and access to the internet

Qualification Requirements for Students to be Awarded Certificates

Certificates will be awarded together and cannot be awarded until all modules are successfully completed.

  • Completion and submission of 40 hours of Case Studies (10 people x 4 treatments)
  • One-hour multiple choice ITEC examination paper in Aromatherapy & Massage
  • One-hour multiple choice ITEC examination paper in Anatomy & Physiology (unless you are already exempt)
  • One-hour multiple choice ITEC examination paper – ITEC Professional Conduct & Business Awareness (unless you are already exempt)
  • One-hour practical Aromatherapy massage – including a short oral examination
  • Successful completion of Energy Management & Awareness module (14 hours) – internal assessment
  • Continual Assessment of Course Work
  • Various College assignments throughout the year

The compulsory modules for this Diploma (unless exempt) are Aromatherapy Massage, Energy Management & Client Care, Professional Conduct & Business Awareness, College Assignments. Certificates will not be awarded until all modules are completed.

Enrolment and Entry Qualifications

  • Students must have a caring and helpful disposition with a desire to learn about the Holistic Field
  • Be dedicated to their own personal growth and well being
  • Have an acceptable knowledge & capability  of written and oral English
  • Completed Student Consultation Card (Confidential)
  • Completed Application Form (Confidential)
  • Course Deposit – (non-refundable) to reserve a definite place
  • Examination Fee: (Non refundable) paid as part of the deposit
  • Agree to follow the College & ITEC Code of Ethics
  • Signed College Contract of Conditions
  • Places are awarded following a College Interview via telephone or face to face.

(If you are travelling a distance you can take pre-approved anatomy course online and sit the exams with Green Tara)

Dates for ITEC full Aromatherapy Diploma
with the option to finish in December 2020 or May 2021

Aromatherapy Theory Module only:
(via zoom with in house class option when we are allowed to open again)


  • July:19 (Sunday)
  • August: 23 (Sunday)
  • September:19 (Saturday)
  • October: 18 (Sunday)
  • November: 29 (Sunday)
  • December: 13 (Sunday)

Aromatherapy Practical Module : July – December, 2020

10am-6.00 pm

  • July:25 (Saturday)
  • August: 16 (Sunday)
  • September:12 (Saturday)
  • October: 04 (Sunday)
  • November: 08 (Sunday)
  • December: 05 & 06 (Saturday & Sunday)

ITEC Business Module: – via zoom or in class

October 2020 :  Friday 16 (7-10pm) & Saturday 17 (9am-6.30pm)
February 2021:  Friday 12 (7-9.30pm)  Saturday 13 (9am-6.00pm)


Dates for Energy Management 2020
2020: September Saturday 26 & Saturday  27  – Times: 9.00 am – 6.30 pm
January 2021:  Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 – Times: 9am-6.30 pm both days


You have 2 options of which anatomy schedule you with to take

Anatomy Dates course starting June  2020  finish May 2021 -via zoom or in-house when allowed back
Sundays – Times:
9am-12 pm
July 05
– Tissues & Skin
July 26
Full day class-(Endocrine & Reproductive  & urinary systems) 10am-5.30pm -full day class
  09 –  Skeletal system
 20  – Muscular system
October  11  – Cardiovascular system
October: Tuesday 06 – The Cell (7-10pm)
08Lymphatic system
13 – Respiratory system
10 – Nervous system
07- Digestive system
07 – Review class
April 18 Review class
Fast Track Anatomy – May to December 2020  
Times: 9am-12 pm – ( modules may be taken as home study also)
(if you are unable to attend a class you can pick the subject up with another class, see all the date options & modules  below)

June 13 Saturday – Lymphatic System
June 07 Sunday – The Cell
July 11 Saturday – Respiratory System
July: 05  Sunday – Tissues & Skin
July 26 Sunday– (Endocrine & Reproductive  & urinary systems) 10am-5.30pm -full day
August: Sunday 09 – Skeletal System
August Saturday 22 –Nervous  system
September Saturday 05
 -Digestive system
September: Sunday 20 – Muscular system
October  11  – Cardiovascular system
November 07 – Saturday -review
December 05 
– Saturday –review

Dates Examinations: 2020 or 2021 (your choice)
If you have all modules finished you can take the exams in December or wait till May 2021

Mock Exams options

December options:
Mock theory – December 2020 Sat 05 & Sunday 06

May options
Mock theory –April  2021 Sat 24 & Sunday 25th

ITEC Exam options

December 2020 exam option
December 2020 Saturday 12  & Sunday 13

May 2021 exam options ITEC 
Saturday 02 & Sunday 03  & Monday 04 May 2021 


Diploma in Aromatherapy Oils

If you just want to learn Aromatherapy, without massage, see our Diploma in Aromatherapy

You may wish to study the oils to a professional level without wanting to learn the massage. Green Tara offers this Diploma. You will take the theory part of the classes which is in the mornings and take an assessment paper at the end of the year. There are some assignments throughout the year. You will be eligible to gain insurance for the practice of Aromatherapy and to use it with your other therapies. You will cover in-depth theory.

Option 1  (€1195.00 + exam fee of €190.00)

Professional Awards:
  • ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy & Aromatherapy Massage – Level 3 International
  • Green Tara College Certificate in Energy Management – Free course
    (Please note: you must hold approved certificates in Anatomy & Business  for the above option

Option 2-  (€1495.00 + €190.00 exam fee)

Professional Awards:
  • ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy – Level 3 International
  • ITEC Diploma in  Anatomy & Physiology – Level 3 International
  • ITEC Professional Conduct & Business Awareness – International
  • Green Tara College Certificate in Energy Management – Free course
  • Green Tara College Diplomas in Holistic Aromatherapy & Aromatherapy, Massage, and Anatomy

Option 3

Green Tara College Diploma in Essential oils & their application – special offer €595.00 -normally €745.00

  • Aromatherapy Theory Diploma – Essential Oils & their application, includes theory & applying oils

Option 4
Time Management Option

If you are short of time remember that you could start with the  Anatomy & Physiology Diploma  on its own or combine it with the  Energy Management and/or  Business. You can take the modules individually, which helps with your time management.

Course Fee:

Learn the full ITEC syllabus and content for € €1495.00 +190.00 exam fee
Payment options: €450.00 non refundable deposit, €350.00 each month until paid.

You can either aim to finish and qualify by December or May 2021.  You can also take the option of finishing the anatomy in December and taking the exams then or in May. It is very flexible.

You will finish the Aromatherapy up to December then have time to work on the case study and practice the massage. You will submit work to us and we will give feedback,  We will work out then review classes for April/March for the exam preparation review (which you will have completed  in December).

The course fee is €1495.00 + €190.00 exam fee and can be paid up front or installments



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Methods of payment

  1. Paypal – you do not need a Paypal account.
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  3. Bank Transfer – If you select this option, the system will email our bank details to you.  Please use your order number as the reference so we know you’ve paid.  Your booking is not made until the money is received.  This information will be on your booking receipt.
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We regret we cannot hold places on courses for you until you have paid your deposit.

ITEC courses continue despite COVID-19

Please note regulations are changing all the time and we will adapt accordingly in line with government requirements

ITEC have adapted quickly to the new COVID-19 situation:

  • Exam formats have been adapted so that we can still hold exams
  • We have not cancelled, or even delayed, any ITEC courses- we are proud that all our our learners were still able to complete exams successfully in May 2020.
  • The next courses will commence in Autumn
  • We will deliver all the theory via zoom or in-house  you can get just as much learning via Zoom as you can in a class.
  • Practical classes are in-house