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Hopi Ear Candling

Dates Autumn 2024: September, Saturday 28th (10am-5.30pm)   
Full fee €195.00- Discounted to €180.00 for return learners & members of professional associations,
(use the code professional on the balance payment only at the checkout if you are eligible for a discount) – The balance must be paid 21 days before the course commences.

Ear Candling holds a fascinating interest today for the everyday person and people often find it very interesting and attractive.  Ear Candling is a natural, holistic and safe remedy. It works on physical, emotional and subtle energy levels.

Ear candling or Ear Coning is an incredibly successful treatment and in large demand. It is useful for all types of conditions such as ‘ringing in the ear’ following diving activity, ear problems following long haul flights, wax in the ear etc.
Review: I felt well supported and great knowledge given to me throughout the day.  All my questions were answered. Directions for the trainings were clear and followed up with demonstrations as we followed along with our amazing booklet, thank you so much Patrice, Monaghan.

Our Hopi Ear Candling course will teach you how to use all types of ear candles safely and well – for use with your family and for professional use with clients. We work with the Hopi Ear Candles in class.

This course is open to everybody who wishes to learn to use ear candles – or as a postgraduate course for those who wish to practice Hopi Ear Candling professionally. If you already hold a holistic therapy qualification that includes Anatomy & Physiology then this course is a postgraduate professional training and you can gain insurance upon successful completion.

No previous knowledge or experience is required in order to learn about ear candling.

The aim of the course is to train you to a very high level and by the end of our ear candling training you will have a confident, detailed and broad knowledge of the principles of ear candling and how to carry out a complete treatment using ear candles.

“I highly recommend this course to all therapists. The treatment results are amazing.” – Grainne M

Course Duration

This is a one-day course in house 
Review: Green Tara College is an amazing and generous venue, everything was catered for. I found the ear candling course was guided in a very professional friendly manner. The tutor was very open, knowledgeable and generous in her knowledge and teachings. I felt very included throughout.  I came away confident that I will be able to practice ear candling within my Reflexology practice. C. White Dunsaughlin


Green Tara Holistic College Certificate in Ear Candling


Your teacher will hold a recognized teaching qualification and will have been trained and practised in Ear Candling and be highly skilled.


Free in-depth instruction manual, tea, coffee, light refreshments, Ear Candles for class practice. At least one year’s free access to our online videos of the techniques and treatment. 

Course Content

The course consists of six strands:

  1. Theory of Ear Candling
  2. Practical Ear Candling
  3. Ear and facial massage
  4. Business elements
  5. Energetic principals of Ear Candling
  6. Energy management

Theory of Ear Candling

History, structure and content of the candle, anatomical structure of the ear, contraindications and considerations, client forms, illness and disorders of the ear. Analysis of Ear Candling. Possible client reactions. Courses of treatments and treating specific conditions.

The course was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. Everything was really well explained and demonstrated and the tutor was very, very knowledgeable.  I can’t wait to offer this treatment to my clients! I would highly recommend this course. Paula Hughes, Reflexologist, Dublin

Practical Ear Candling

Demonstration, observation and practice of giving and receiving an Ear Candling Treatment. Lighting the candles, working safely with the candles, extinguishing the candles, analyzing the flame and candle after treatment. The necessary equipment  you will need.

Ear and Facial Massage

A lovely ear and facial massage will be taught in order to enhance the effects of the treatment. This is often not taught and is essential to the effectiveness of the complete treatment. 

After Care Advice

Looking after the client and after-care advice.


Marketing Ear Candling, gaining insurance. Learning about legalities for using ear candles for all ages.

Energetic Principles of Ear Candling

This is unique to our training and is an essential aspect of the type of candles we use that come from indigenous cultures for ear coning.

Energy Management

Sealing in energy, grounding energy, giving a holistic treatment.

On the day:


There are a wide range of cafes, supermarkets in Navan suitable for all tastes, or you are welcome to bring along a lunch. Lunch will be one hour.

Please Bring:

One large bath towel,  two hand towels, T-shirt with straps that can come down under your arms, Hair-band and hair tie, short nails, antiseptic hand wipes. We will be learning to perform massage on the face so do bring your makeup remover or come along makeup free.


Please wear loose comfortable layered clothing. You are welcome to dress casual or wear a therapist tunic. 

Previous Qualifications:

If you hold a previous qualification (e.g. Massage Diploma with Anatomy & Physiology or Reflexology Diploma, Beauty diploma) please bring a photocopy along which will be kept on file for insurance purposes.

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Full fee €195.00- Discounted to €180.00 for return learners, (use the code professional at the checkout if eligible for the discounted fee – use this on the balance payment only)
Review:  The course was more than I expected. It was wonderful training in a beautiful environment , I can’t wait to start practising . The tutor was amazing, very informative and a fountain of knowledge, Thankyou, Cathy Healy Nagle.