Spiritual Studies

Spiritual Practitioner training

Green Tara College offers training from beginner to advanced professional in a range of spiritual disciplines, including Reiki, Shamanism,  methods for working directly with psychic and spiritual energies and for divination.

This training is ideal if you are just developing an interest in things unseen, or if you are an active seeker with prior knowledge.

We are non-denominational.  We believe what is in your heart is more important than the words you use to describe your beliefs. Our teachings are open to anyone of any background.

Reiki Training and Certification

We offer Reiki training and initiation from beginner to Master Practitioner.  We offer traditional Usui Reiki.  Our reiki training is concerned to provide you the best possible training, following the traditional methods laid down by Dr. Mikao Usuithe inventor of Reiki.

Reiki Courses:

Training in Shamanism

image by Owen RobertsOur shamanic training will take you from beginner to advanced.  Our beginner courses assume no prior knowledge, but will give you practical shamanic skills you can use in daily life very quickly.  We use Core Shamanism blended with traditional Q’ero indigenous shamanism from the Mountains of Peru.  We believe shamanism should bring you into a close connection with nature, so we work extensively with the many sacred sites in the Boyne Valley, such as the Hill of Tara.

Shamanic Courses

Working Directly with Psychic and Spiritual Energy

Image by Bing N. from PixabayWe offer two levels of training in direct energy work.   Our Psychic Energy Management course is intended for anyone interested in learning more about how psychic energy works, how to clear and protect themselves, their loved ones, clients and spaces.  We are fortunate to recieve regular visits from one of the world’s leading masters of direct energy work, Juan Nunez del Prado.  Juan has spent 30 years studying the energy manipulation techniques of the Inca Empire, which are still used by the Q’ero descendants to this day.  Juan visits each Autumn to teach his four classes over ten days.  This is the only English-language training Juan gives in Europe.

Training courses in psychic energy


Green Tara College offers two paths to divination – the Tarot and the I Ching.  Our Professional Diploma in Tarot is the most in-depth Tarot training in the world, combining practical and intellectual training with guided meditations and psychic development.  Our I Ching course is short and punchy and will get you using the I Ching effectively within a few hours.

Divination Training Courses