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Hot Stone Massage Training Course

Practitioner’s Certification in Hot Stone Massage

Dates 2024: May Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th (9am-6pm) – in-house

€295.00- includes videos, extensive manual & Moodle support

Hot Stone Massage Course Overview

Hot Stone Massage at Green Tara College is a postgraduate training course. It can be taken by people who wish to learn to use Hot Stone Massage  to practice professionally or for personal use on friends or family.   Even if you do not have a basic massage, but hold other qualifications in the holistic field,  you can gain insurance with Hot Stone Massage.  The course includes the use of hot and cold stones.

This course is open to all trained therapists: Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Indian Head Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, Beauty Therapists, Sports Massage Therapists – to anybody holding a Holistic Therapy Diploma.

Energetic Hot Stone Massage

In this course –  unique to any other Hot Stone Massage course in Ireland – we teach you the energetic practice of Hot Stone Massage and chakra balance with crystals. You can then choose whether you feel drawn to work this traditional way. Our teaching is a true Hot Stone Massage (not massage techniques using the occasional hot stone).  Day one is the basis of  learning hot stone, day two repeats the full body practice and incorporates the energetic principles.

Image by Miss_Orphelia from Pixabay The aim of this course is to train you to the  highest level. By the end of this course you will have a confident, detailed and broad knowledge of Hot & Cold Stone Massage and how to carry out a complete treatment.

Holistic practitioners will be fully capable of entering the world of the professional Hot Stone Massage Therapist with confidence and expertise, safely and with confidence.

The course consists of an intensive two-day workshop:  9am – 6pm 

Assessment: There will be written & practical assessments on the day of the workshop. You will get to give and receive two supervised, full Hot Stone Massage treatments over the two days.


Green Tara College Practitioner Certificate in Hot Stone Massage.  In order to gain insurance to practice with the public, you  must hold a recognized Diploma in  Anatomy & Physiology.  This  enables you to gain insurance to practice and join professional bodies. You can also learn Anatomy with us after the course. We recommend the Business & Professional conduct module also.

This training  is also accredited for CPD awards with IRIL & NRRI

Course Contents

At Green Tara we pride ourselves on our Hot Stone Massage Training where we not only look at the massage procedure – but energetically work with the stones and ancient traditions which are the origins of this therapy.

  • History & philosophies of Hot Stone Massage
  • Using ancient Native American traditions and Hot Stone Massage
  • Explanation of specific techniques used
  • Understanding the various Hot Stone Massage strokes
  • Safety and temperature when handling the stones for self and clients
  • Contraindications and common ailments – when not to treat and when extra caution is needed
  • Hot Stone Massage for the full body including feet, hands and face – which can be adapted for reflexology, facials etc.
  • Energetic techniques of clearing and balancing the client’s energies
  • Care, cleansing and storage of the healing stones
  • Connecting with the stones and learning to ‘interpret’ the massage
  • Working with the stone energy
  • Sealing in energy – Grounding energy/Therapist protection & safety
  • Client Care and professionalism
  • Possible client reactions
  • Therapy Space/Therapist Insurance

Equipment Needed

The College will provide all the necessary teaching equipment.
The equipment that you will need is minimal and includes:

  • Four bath sheet towels and two hand towels – any colour for class
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Equipment wipes e.g. Dettol or Lidl’s
  • Hair band, hair tied up, short nail
  • Tea Towel, good and thick x 2
  • 2 white single flat bed sheets (day 2)
  • Orange, Red or Purple Bath Sheet (can be one of the 4 towels)
  • We will be massaging the face so you may want to bring your own unique makeup remover
  • A copy of your previous body diploma if you hold one, and Anatomy Diploma
    Continuous support available after the workshop.

    How do I book a place?

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      A place on the course cannot be guaranteed without payment.

    If you are a return GTC learner, GTC graduate or member of professional holistic therapy associations you get a discount of €15.  This discount can be redeemed against the ‘balance payment only‘.  To avail of this you must apply the code professional (all lower case) at the checkout.


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    Don’t want to pay online?

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    €295.00- includes videos, extensive manual & Moodle support