Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner Training Course

Welcome to the transformative world of shamanic breathwork! 

This course will enable you to offer breathwork sessions for clients. You will receive a professional Certificate in Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner, upon successful completion of the training programme.

A profound journey of self-discovery and healing.

3-month course, every Monday, via Zoom

September 16 – December 16, 2024


7pm UK/Ireland, 20:00CET


8pm EST, 5pm PST, 12pm Australia

If you seek an online experience that intertwines ancient wisdom with modern insights, then our shamanic breathwork program is the perfect choice for you.

Our program offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness, release emotional blockages, and tap into your inner wellspring of strength and clarity, mixing different approaches tools and techniques making it one of a kind. You will be exploring shamanism, energy healing, sound healing and the power of the Breath. At the end of this course you will be able to run your own breathwork sessions.

About the shamanic breathwork practitioner training course – 2 min video

Through a blend of guided breathwork techniques, soulful meditations, and ceremonial practices, you’ll be guided by experienced shamans and facilitators who will create a safe and nurturing space for your growth. The shamanic breathwork has been used to facilitate profound healing, self-awareness, and spiritual expansion.

Whether you’re seeking relief from stress and anxiety, longing to heal past traumas, or simply adding more tools to your practice, our shamanic breathwork program is created by like-minded souls.

Let the power of breath open doors to new dimensions of consciousness and personal evolution.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction – Connecting to the Breathing System
  • The Body Energies and Chakras
  • Breath and Movement – Pranayama
  • Music therapy and Sound Healing – The power of sound
  • Deepening Within
  • Holding sessions
  • The Spirits and Power animals

Introduction – Connecting to the Breathing System

In this chapter, students will learn the fundamentals of the breathing system and its importance in various aspects of our lives. They will gain an understanding of the mechanics of breathing, including the role of the diaphragm and the different types of breathing patterns. The chapter will cover the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of conscious breathing and how it can positively impact overall health and well-being. We will also go around scientific facts and some history around the breathing patterns Students will be introduced to different breath awareness techniques to help them establish a connection with their breath and cultivate a mindful breathing practice.

The Body Energies and Chakras

In the second chapter, students will explore the concept of chakra energies and their relationship to the body. They will learn about the seven main chakras and their corresponding locations in the body, as well as the unique qualities and attributes associated with each chakra. Students will understand how these energy centers can influence various aspects of their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The chapter will delve into the connection between breath and chakras, highlighting specific breathing exercises and visualizations that can help activate, balance, and harmonize the chakra energies. By the end of this chapter, students will have a deeper understanding of the body’s energy system and how breathwork can positively impact their chakra health and overall vitality.

The Spirits and Power animals

In this chapter, students explore the spiritual realm of breathwork, focusing on spirits and power animals. They learn about the significance of these concepts in different cultures worldwide and how animals symbolize specific qualities and guidance. Students discover techniques to connect with their own spirit guides and power animals through breathwork. They create a sacred space, set intentions, and engage in breathwork exercises designed to establish communication and connection with these spiritual entities. Visualization and breathwork practices are used to receive guidance and wisdom from power animals. By the end of this chapter, students gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimensions of breathwork. They acquire practical tools to connect with and receive support from their spirit guides and power animals. These practices can be incorporated into their breathwork routines to enhance their spiritual connection, personal growth, and transformation.

Breath and Movement – Pranayama

In this chapter, students delve into the practice of pranayama, which involves the intentional control and regulation of breath. They learn about the significance of breath in various movement practices and explore the profound relationship between breath and movement. Students are introduced to different pranayama techniques that can be incorporated into their breathwork practice to enhance their awareness, energy, and vitality. Through practical demonstrations and guided exercises, students gain hands-on experience with these pranayama techniques. They learn how to synchronize breath with movement, yoga postures, or other physical activities, amplifying the benefits of both breathwork and movement. By the end of this chapter, students have a solid understanding of pranayama and its integration with movement. They develop proficiency in various breathing techniques, allowing them to cultivate a deeper mind-body connection and enhance their overall well-being through the synchronized practice of breath and movement.

Deepening within

In this chapter, students explore the powerful role of breathwork and somatic approaches in addressing trauma responses. They learn about the profound impact of trauma on the body and how breathwork can be utilized as a therapeutic tool for healing and releasing stored trauma Students gain an understanding of the somatic nature of trauma, recognizing that traumatic experiences can be stored in the body and contribute to various physical and emotional symptoms. They learn about the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for trauma-informed breathwork practices. Through guided exercises and expert guidance, students discover specific breathwork techniques that promote grounding, regulation, and releasing of trauma responses. They explore techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, body scans, and gentle movements that help restore a sense of safety and connection within the body. By the end of this chapter, students develop a deeper understanding of the intersection between breathwork, somatic approaches, and trauma healing. They acquire practical skills to support themselves or others in navigating trauma responses and find empowerment in utilizing breathwork as a transformative tool for healing and resilience.

Music Therapy and Sound Healing – The power of sound

In the final chapter, students explore the powerful combination of breathwork and music therapy/sound healing. They discover how music and sound can enhance and deepen their breathwork practice, creating a harmonious and transformative experience. Students learn about the therapeutic applications of music and sound in promoting relaxation, stress reduction, emotional release, and overall well-being. They gain an understanding of how different frequencies, rhythms, and tones can affect the body, mind, and emotions. Through experiential exercises, students engage in breathwork sessions accompanied by carefully selected music or soundscapes. They explore various techniques, such as toning, chanting, or using specific musical instruments, to deepen their breathwork experience and enhance their connection with the present moment. By the end of this chapter, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the synergy between breathwork, music therapy, and sound healing. They develop practical skills to integrate music and sound into their breathwork practice, allowing for a deeper and more transformative experience.

Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner Certificate


GTC Practitioner Diploma in Shamanic Breathwork

Student will have to do several assessments:

A minimum of 5 Breathwork sessions that we will do during classes, including one full Shamanic Breathwork session at the end of the program.

Students are to be given their assessment as a learning tool on which to build and focus.

The assessment will include :

  • Self-evaluation
  • Peer feedback through group process
  • Tutor feedback
  • Practicum

This assessment will help with:

  • Experience in group work
  • Experience in holding space
  • Experience to learn and demonstrate maturity, mental and emotional stability and self responsibility 


7pm UK/Ireland, 20:00CET


8pm EST, 5pm PST, 12pm Australia

About your teacher

Kamel Seklaoui

Kamel Seklaoui

With a background rooted in the Ivory Coast of West Africa, Kamel has travelled extensively across Africa, Europe, and South America, immersing himself in diverse cultures and learning from various practitioners and mentors.

Kamel’s spiritual lineage comes from West Africa where he learned the way of the spirit through his adoptive grandfather and first mentor.

With a scientific background studying chemistry, Kamel wanted to explore the science behind the unknown realms of the spirits.

His journey took him to explore the universe within, understanding the functions of the body on a biological level, the mind and the emotions, the energy and its frequencies, and the spirit beyond the physical world.

Kamel has honed his expertise in a range of modalities, learning though the years:

  • Shamanism from the Quechuan tradition through Green Tara College with Dr Owen and Majella
  • Master in Energy Healing/Reiki through Healing From The Heart with Martha
  • Breathwork through Soma and Pranayama with different mentors
  • Spiritual Coaching through different mentors
  • Life Coaching through Rhodes Wellness College
  • Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy through Daybreak Therapy
  • Guided Meditation through different mentors

Kamel has developed a deep understanding of multi-dimensional awareness, both within himself and in others.

Grateful for the knowledge and gifts he has acquired, Kamel is passionate about using his tools to support and uplift the collective consciousness. He went on a journey from city to city around the world sharing all his tools and learning more tools to develop his abilities in order to serve the great consciousness.

He is committed to helping individuals unlock their true potential and create their best lives.