Reiki Healing Share

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Welcome to our monthly reiki share and reiki support class.
Open to all Reiki levels (1, 2, 3), all lineages and all who studied with any teacher.
You must however hold level one reiki to attend.
Times: 7pm-9.30pm  
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Reiki Share Details:
We will gather with like minded reiki people and come together in reiki to share and receive and give to the world in exchange.

  • Receive and share reiki each gathering
  • Give world, earth, nature distant reiki to  make a difference in the world and to your own intentions, group reiki is so powerful and beautiful.
  • Enter your intentions into our healing book and they will receive the group healing.
  • Questions and answers, reiki support and practice as you grow your reiki spiritual journey.
  •  On our reiki journey we will spend some time connecting in to the energies of 7 main chakras as we meet each month, review and expand our knowledge regarding healing issues or imbalances in these specific  chakras.
  • As part of the reiki share we will work some  gentle sound therapy on the relevant chakra each month. When using  tones and frequencies of himalayan bowls, chimes, balance and harmony can be restored. Sound therapy works beautiful alongside  reiki healing energy.
  • We will delve deep into one particular chakra a month and work especially on that healing during the full reiki treatment in class and in between classes
  • Build new reiki community with flourishing friendships and reiki support 
  • All who hold reiki first level from any lineage and teacher are most welcome
  • Each person is required to give reiki to others so there is a giving and receiving of reiki energy
  • Each person is required to stay to the full class. Thank you for understanding.
  • Guidance if you wish to refresh any hand positions and the process of giving reiki
  • We look forward to meeting you and coming together in unison to experience the healing energies of reiki during the share.

    Dates, Wednesdays – Times: (7.00-9.30pm)
    04 October
    (Root chakra focus during your full treatment)
    01 November 
    (Sacral chakra focus)
    06 December
    (Solar Plexus chakra focus)
    10 January 
    (Heart Chakra focus) (note its not the first Wednesday in January)
    07 February
    (Throat chakra focus)
    06 March
    (Third eye chakra focus)
    03 April
    (Crown chakra focus)
    01 May (Bringing it all together)
    Summer holidays (June, July, August)


  • You are welcome to arrive anytime from 6.40pm and have a cuppa/refreshment before we start.
  • Please be on time as to avoid disrupting the class
  • We have a microwave available for anybody who needs to heat up some food coming straight from work
  • We have osmosis fresh drinking water
  • Please bring slippers or warm socks (floor could be cold for bare feet), please bring a blanket and a pillow slip for hygiene reasons (we have blankets and pillows if you don’t mind sharing also)
  • Telephones will be off from 7pm to 9.30pm
  • Class delivered by Fiona and/or Majella
  • Further details are in the email you will receive when booking is complete 

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