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Reiki Level 2 Training Course

Dates for Traditional Reiki  Second Level This course will go ahead regardless of lockdown – the method of delivery will be adapted to meet government requirements.  Contact Majella for a chat 0868635214

  August: Saturday 07 & Sunday 08 2021- In-house Times: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm Course Fee: €250.00  Deposit: €50.00  

“Reiki 2 was an Amazing course, perfect balance of information and practice. Majella is a fantastic teacher and so in tune with each student. She created a wonderful space for us all to feel safe and supported in and ensured that each of us were equipped to practice this beautiful new skill. The passion for Reiki, compassion towards each person and deep knowledge that Majella demonstrated throughout the course combined to make this an incredibly special experience that I will not forget. In addition, the training content and post course supports enable each person to continue on their journey with Reiki in a supported way, in the way that’s right for them going forward. Would highly recommend! ” Charlotte O’B.  February 2021

Second Level Reiki Training

Open to all who have completed First Level with any teacher or any tradition welcome

Course Content

• Review of First Level Reiki
• Meditation/visualisation
• Sharing of experiences of Attunement/initiations and questions arising
• Two powerful Second Level Reiki Initiations
• Teaching and practice of Reiki hand position for self-healing chair treatment, and lying on a plinth while using the symbols
• Each student to practice giving and receiving Reiki incorporating the use of the symbols
• Sharing of feedback since First Level Initiation and the experience of using Reiki on self and family and friends
• Introduction to Reiki Symbols
• Teaching the Reiki symbols and practice of them physically
• Explanation and practice of distant Reiki Healing and distant treatments
• Opportunities for students to share workshop experience
• Explanation of Attunement/initiation process
• Room cleansing & blessing
• Brief introduction to the Third Levels of Reiki
• Teaching the importance of personal energy management, protection, self-care and well being while giving and receiving Reiki
• The spiritual concepts and philosophy of Reiki
• Meeting your Reiki guide/spiritual helper
• Correct breathing and postures

Follow up provided

Once students have completed Second Level you may progress onto Third Level (Personal Use) or Reiki Practitioner Training if you choose.

Workshop Information

    • Clothing: Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring slippers and warm socks.
    • Bring along: Slippers/ warm socks, pen, small bottle of antibacterial hand gel, bottled drinking water if preferred – we have filtered cool water available for you.
    • Refreshments: There is plenty of tea, herbal tea and coffee available at the College.
    • Mobile Telephones: Please note that mobile telephones will be on silent during the workshop – and during certain phases they will be switched off or put into our therapy room. (Phones may be checked at regular intervals.)
    • Lunch: There are a wide range of cafes/supermarkets in Navan suitable for all tastes – or you are welcome to bring along a lunch. (The lunch break is one hour.)
    • Course Facilitator: Majella Fagan – Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if we can be of any further assistance and I will have my phone on the day of the course in case you get a little lost.


How do I book a place?

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Methods of payment

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A follow-up class is provided.

Reiki Levels

We offer three levels of Reiki training, which must be taken in order.
Each level is a prerequisite for the next level.

    2. SECOND LEVEL REIKI (you are here)