Post-Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Reflexology


Paediatric Reflexology for Babies, Toddlers & Children

Dates Autumn 2024:

September: Wednesday 18th, (theory) 7pm-10pm via zoom

September: Wednesday 25th, (theory & practical) 7pm-10pm via zoom

Cost: €195. If you are a returning student or a member of any of the professional reflexology associations the cost of the course will be 180 euro.  To avail of this apply the code ‘professional’ at the checkout.

This course is intended for those who wish to learn how to bring Reflexology to infants, babies, toddlers & children and gain a post–graduate certificate.
It can be taken by those who wish to further their knowledge of reflexology with children or for those who wish to assist in their own family’s health.

  • Reflexologist’s can gain insurance and add this qualification to current insurance.
  • Reflexologist’s can receive CPD points.

The course covers Reflexology for children in the study of the Holistic Field. The course includes the consideration of insurance for working with children in Reflexology. A Diploma in Reflexology is required in order to attend this course.
The aim of this course is to train you to a very high level so that you can be confident to work with children.  Upon completion of the training you will have a detailed and broad knowledge of working with children in Reflexology and you will have various techniques for the various ages.

This is a post-graduate training course. It can be taken by therapist who holds a recognized diploma.
“Results are good with children and babies because they are more relaxed and supple and because their bodies are highly receptive to therapeutic stimuli.” – Inge Dougan’s


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a Post Graduate Certificate in Reflexology for Infants,, toddlers & children.

This course is recognized by the Irish Reflexologists Institute, NNRI, AOR and other associations

Course Contents

  • Consultation process & gaining consent for children
  • Legislation
  • Adapting chair/room/plinth to suit children
  • Adapting reflexology techniques to treat children
  • Contraindications with regard to children
  • Common childhood illnesses and how to treat with reflexology
  • Referral procedure
  • Practical demonstration and practice
  • The developmental process
  • Reflexology for children

Practical Reflexology: – Complete reflexology treatment to include taking consultation, greeting and reading the feet, the actually treatment methods, hand holds, pressure adapted to suit children, completion and relaxation techniques. Adapting reflexology for specific conditions.

Client Care & Professional Conduct: Learning how to work with children, creating a safe healing space, meeting the children’s and guardian’s needs, communication skills, personal well-being while working with children, children with special needs,  developing your therapists relationship with the child, referral procedures.

Business Practice: health & safety, hygiene, insurance, gaining consent, special requirements, communication, Insurance and legal considerations, record keeping.

Course Fee:

€195.00 or 180.00. Discounted fee to IRIL, NNRI, AOR, FHT member’s course fee is €165.00  and to all GTC return learners, please put in professional15 for the coupon code

How do I book a place?

In order to book a place please REGISTER by clicking the REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE button.

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Methods of payment

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    A place on the course cannot be guaranteed without payment.
  • If you are a return GTC learner, GTC graduate or member of professional holistic therapy associations you get a discount of €15. DO NOT deduct from the deposit.  This discount can be redeemed against the ‘balance payment only‘.  To avail of this you must apply the code professional (all lower case) at the checkout.
  • If you are booking a course less than 21 days before the course starts you must pay the deposit and balance fee together at the checkout


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Don’t want to pay online?

If you are uncomfortable paying online, you can phone the office (046 90 60 600) and they will make the booking for you and take your card details over the phone.

Through booking this course you accept responsibility that you understand that this information and training material and techniques are copywrite ©to Majella Fagan and may not be used by other trainers or shared elsewhere.


Zoom – for ATTENDING the class
-The class will be taught via zoom.
-You will need to download zoom to your computer & phone devices before the class
-You will need to practice getting into zoom before the class
-Ensure you do not pay a fee; we pay for zoom so you are using our zoom
-You can find instructions for using Zoom for our classes at GTC below
-Regarding zoom if your internet is giving problems ensure nobody else in the house is using the internet for anything during your log in time
-Keep your device plugged in
– make sure you have your phone switched on in case there are any problems
Logging in:
Please arrive on time and log in at least 10mins beforehand -you will go the waiting room which means you are in. The meeting will open at the stated time, do PHONE Majella if you have any problems, avoid email as we will not be reading email if we are teaching. Keep your phone on beside you so we can contact you in case there are any problems.

CPD & Insurance -This course is eligible for CPD & insurance – it is live zoom supervised training and not an online training course where you are left to your own study and interpretation

Client for Practical:
-If you can secure a client for the practical class, it will serve you better in your learning, we go through the techniques and practical routine. 
-An adult if adequate for any children’s reflex class or child of course, please avoid working with anyone who is pregnant for any class.
-If you have any problems and are unable to secure anyone, please contact me, -if you do not have a volunteer, you can video you completing the practice, there is a process in this etc.  
-You may swap out client’s if needed during the session and we will take breaks.
-You will have the client ready for the practical class at the start, if possible with feet cleansed and warmed up.
-Please advise clients to just relax and refrain from general chatting during the process.
-We will advise more at the theory class.

Treatment Preparation for  Practical Class:
You will have your treatment space set up and ready to go, with your usual Reflexology treatment equipment and if you would have the client there and ready for the start time.

-All the treatment is on video and we go through each technique step by step.
-You could use 2 devices, your computer/tablet and then come into the class via your phone also which you could place between the client’s feet for the video aspect.
-You can see the technique in action as you practice on the client’s feet. It really genuinely works very well.
– Your tutor will be calling out the treatment sequence.

Moodle-for class notes & videos – this will be available from Friday

– We have an educational system linked to our school called Moodle
-You will receive the Moodle course no later than two days before the training date
-The manual, course notes and videos will be available for you to review as often as you wish.
-They will be available for 12 months minimum via Moodle
– The link for Moodle will be sent out via email with a password and you just follow instructions. Please save these details for future use, it will always be the same when you are with us again.
-When you come to our Moodle page, scroll down the courses and you will be able to access the Course.
-If you have any problems just sent me a text and we will have a look for you
-Please note that Moodle is different to Zoom, you can only enter the class via Zoom
-Please copy and paste the password over to Moodle, this is where most people make errors when logging in, thanks.
Terms & Conditions
Please note that terms and conditions of this class are that all the course material, techniques and video material are completely the property and creation of Majella Fagan ©. At no stage are you allowed to give others access to this material or for it to be used in any training outside of GTC. Thank you

We look forward to sharing this wonderful therapy with you, if you require any further information or would like to come in and meet me, please do not hesitate to get in contact,

Kind regards. Majella Fagan 0868635241 Course Co-ordinator