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Reiki Training Courses

Dates for 2023 – Reiki 1

September :  Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th  – FULLY BOOKED – please email to go on waiting/cancellation list

Learning Traditional Reiki –  Overview

Welcome to considering training in Reiki. Reiki is the first course that we offered from Green Tara, and thus our College has grown from a spiritual basis. Reiki is a spiritual healing way of life that you can take on board at your own pace and level. It is a beautiful life-enhancing pathway leading to greater personal understanding and increased spiritual connection – toward great peace and positivity in life.

Please be assured that no matter why you are choosing to study Reiki that the teaching we offer is of the highest standard with a firm spiritual basis. Students are held and supported in a personal and gentle fashion. Our commitment is to take this training very seriously with deepest respect and great love. We offer an in-depth training that is unequalled –  and unlimited follow-up support in your personal journey with Reiki.

Image by Les Whalley from Pixabay Reiki complements and enhances all other complementary and mainstream therapies. It is not affiliated with or against any religion and actually enhances your present faith, bringing you closer to your heart’s beliefs and those you pray to. You may find that you discover the true path of your heart while discovering your deepest inner self through Reiki.

At Green Tara College you can re-sit any of the Reiki workshops for a minimal fee (providing there is space)  as many times as you wish – in fact we love to have you along! 

With all Green Tara Traditional Reiki courses you will be eligible to join Reiki Federation Ireland, Reiki Association Ireland, UK Reiki Federation – and all world associations.

ITEC Diploma in Reiki

The only reiki qualification that is mapped upon the European national framework!

  • Module One: ITEC Reiki First Level
  • Module Two: ITEC Reiki Second Level
  • Module Three: ITEC Reiki Third Level Master Practitioner (You must hold second level reiki already)
  • Module Four: ITEC Reiki Specific Modules & Advanced Reiki Training
  • Module Five: Energy Management Psychology & Practical Use
  • Module Six: Business & Professional Conduct Module
  • Module Seven: Anatomy & Physiology Diploma  (You can take Anatomy at a location nearer to you or online if that suits better if you are travelling a long distance. You will take the examination at Green Tara. Please ensure the course is pre-approved by Green Tara.)
  • Module Eight: Pre-Assessments
  • Module Nine: ITEC Official Assessments – ITEC Examinations

Taken some of the levels elsewhere?

Reiki Second Level is open to anybody holding First Level Reiki (if you are new to Reiki Ireland, you have an option of re-sitting our Reiki first level anytime for half price providing there is space). If you feel you are missing something in your Reiki Two you are welcome to take this Traditional Second Level Reiki again with Majella for half price. Please bring a copy of your Second Level Certificate. 

Reiki Third Level is open to anybody holding First Level Reiki (if you are new to Reiki Ireland you have an option of re-sitting our Reiki First & Second Level anytime for half price providing there is space – we highly recommend this due to the depth of teaching). If you already hold Third Level Reiki and you feel something is ‘missing’ and you are searching, it is highly likely that you are searching for the original Traditional Reiki – you are welcome to take our Third Level Reiki with Majella for half price. Please bring a copy of your Certificates.

Training as a Reiki Practitioner – The Choices

You may decide to learn Reiki for yourself or to work professionally as a Reiki Healing Practitioner. We offer a variety of training choices for you:

  1. Learning Reiki for your own use to any level
  2. Diploma in Reiki ITEC (includes Anatomy & Business) contact Majella for syllabus
  3. Learning Reiki to practice Professionally – Certified by Reiki Ireland)
  4. ITEC Reiki Practitioners (The ITEC qualification includes Anatomy & Physiology, Holistic Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3A & 3B, Professional Conduct & Business Awareness, Reiki Ireland Certificates

Reiki Levels

We offer three levels of Reiki training, which must be taken in order. Each level is a prerequisite for the next one.