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Certificate in Energy Management

This course is open to all who wish to gain a qualification in energy management and who desire to learn about energy management and self well-being.

You can register by booking below:

September 2024 Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th  (9.30am-6pm) – via zoom


January 2025: Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th (9.30-6pm) – via zoom

I want to say a huge thank you to Majella Fagan at Green Tara Holistic College for being a truly wonderful teacher!! Beyond grateful for this life changing experience that I will definitely be carrying with me forever! So excited to continue the journey to learn and more more!!!Kate Moore

Subjects covered:

• What is energy and understanding energy
• Correct breathing, breath and energy
• Why we need protection
• Techniques for protection
• Techniques to increase the therapist’s energy and energy ability
• The mind and energy
• Room clearance
• Room blessing
• House clearance
• House blessing
• Helping the clients to heal through energy
• Increasing the effect of the treatment incorporating subtle energy techniques
• Working with guides and angels for protection
• Attracting all that is good and beautiful
• Techniques for dealing with negative and psychic attack
• Manifesting with energy
• Creating a safe energetic space to work in
• Dealing with ‘heavy energy’ clients
• Grounding
• Grounding in your everyday life
• Grounding during your treatment
• Protecting the client
• Grounding the client
• Bringing healing to the client


Thank you for allowing me to learn so much, experience amazing things and share the space with all of you beautiful people – Aga

This course with Majella was absolutely wonderful. I could not recommend it highly enough. It added to my energy management toolbox that I already had. It covered so many aspects, between the chakras, meridians, auric fields, grounding, clearing, protecting, meditation, visualising and pendulm. The meditations were very powerful, in a way that it connected me to my spirit guides which had never happened before and was a very special moment. The energy of the group was so high and very connected and safe. Thank you Majella. – Nollaig H.

I feel honoured and privileged to have done this course. It has come into my life at the prefect time. I never realized how much energy with have. And I’ve learned great techniques to ground and centre myself. Thank you from my heart. – Liz C.

The energy management course has been hugely beneficial in every aspect. I recommend this course to every human being. Having an understanding of the energy body and how to work with it is profound. – Danielle N

I gained answers and much healing and release from this course.  It was just what I needed, but I didn’t know what I needed. I’m going through so much at the moment and I feel like now I’m not alone… so many people are going through the same and now I have the tools to call in spirit and refuel as needed. – Kellie C.

This course is amazing if you are looking to expand on your spiritual practices. the explanation of energy and energy management are so well explained and it is all work you can take with you into either your holistic practice or your day to day life. Would highly recommend this course!! – Paula H.

Academic Awards

Green Tara Certification in Energy Management


Majella Fagan, BA (Drama), BSc (Psychology)

Majella is the founder of Green Tara College and Holistic Therapy Centre. Majella is a long-established and well-known teacher within the Holistic field. She has worked with energy healing for over 17 years and is trained in various branches of Shamanism (Core training for 3 years), Celtic and Inca traditions (6 years), Four Winds Certified, South American and Native American traditions. Majella has been teaching and facilitating Shamanism and ceremonies for over 11 years and is dedicated to this work.

Personal witness – Majella Fagan:

“I had studied many therapies and been in personal healing for many years.  Having taken the core shamanic training twice and working with it for many years I was thirsting for something more in depth and felt I needed to know more. I didn’t feel the working techniques were adequate enough for the growing needs of the work. When I took the six years of shamanic training with initiations from the Q’ero and  the training in further shamanic techniques with Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds, I found what I had been looking for.  This is the most phenomenal work I have ever done and it brought to me deep, deep healing where at a crucial time in my life I finally cleared the heaviness of past issues and moved forward into a life of peace and higher destiny, here I learned to ‘dream my world into being.’  I can only say from my heart that I urge you if it feels  right or you feel drawn to it to take this training.  Alongside teaching Holistic Therapies, my main work is with Reiki and shamanism. I started with traditional Reiki and have found that the combination of  the two traditions is a wealth of amazement and have found that the shamanic work brought me into deeper techniques and much more grounding.  There is a wealth of joy, freedom and humility in walking this path which helps give us  grace to aim to be a better person.  In times of crisis it is my spiritual training and practice that has kept me together. Please feel free to give me a call  or if you’d like to meet up and chat about it I’d be delighted.”  

This course is free to all attending any ITEC training course with us, and there is no need for ITEC students to book this course.

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You can register by booking below:

September 2024 Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th  (9.30am-6pm) – via zoom
January 2025: Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th (9.30-6pm) – via zoom