Certificate Confirmation

Please use this form to enter the details for your course certificate

  • We have your details in our system from your original booking.
  • However, people move house, or don’t add their address to the booking, or simply mistype their name or address. Sometimes people want the certificate emailed to a different email address.
  • Use this form to enter the EXACT details for your certificate
  • Please check this information carefully before you send it. We will use EXACTLY what you put here. We regret that if the details are wrong and you want the certificate changed or resent, there will be a €50 administration fee.
Enter the name of the course your certificate is for.
This is the name you want printed on the certificate. Watch for capital letters and spelling. We will use EXACTLY what you type here.
If you want a different name on your certificate, put the name you registered with the course here so we know who the certificate is for. Do NOT fill this in if the name on the certificate is the same as yours.
The PDF certificate will be emailed to this address. We recommend you do NOT use hotmail. There is a very good chance it will reject the email as spam.
Enter the postal address you want the printed certificate posted to. If you do not enter an address, we will assume you do not want a printed certificate.
Is there anything else about your certificate you want to tell us?