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ITEC Diploma in Reflexology

Reflexology training for those who wish to gain a recognized professional Irish qualification and an internationally recognized qualification (ITEC) in order to practice in Ireland and the world as a Professional Reflexologist .

Course are running throughout the Covid-19 experience
We have already had 3 successful ITEC exams  since Covid began
Zoom theory classes (no travel)  with practical in-house classes
 Free videos of  practical reflexology techniques
Moodle with your  announcements, videos, notes  available 24 hours daily
Free  handbook of Green Tara College Reflexology charts.

Ireland’s BEST loved, thorough & detailed 

Holistic Reflexology Training

Course Options: Places available on all courses!

Course 1:   October 2021  to May 2022 ( weekly classes )-  Booking now – 6 places available!

 Course 2January 2022 to December 12th  2022 (monthly classes- one Saturday a month) – Booking now –  8 places only left !  (this course books quickly – book now!! – open for booking )
Course 3Fast Track Reflexology  – June 2022 finish December 2022

Course 4:  June  2021 to May 2022  one Sunday a month


Recognized Qualifications:

  1. ITEC & GTC Diploma in Reflexology
  2. ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
  3. ITEC Certificate in Business/Health & Safety
  4. Green Tara Diploma in Holistic Reflexology
  5. Green Tara Certificate in Energy Management
  6. Ireland’s most comprehensive postgraduate Reflexology qualifications (scroll towards bottom of page)

Ireland’s most comprehensive Postgraduate Reflexology qualifications
(scroll towards bottom of page)

Recognized by the


We are an original Irish  Reflexology Institute  school

Welcome to our training in Reflexology, it is important that you know where your training has originated. Firstly we are established over 25 years and teaching reflexology for 15 years.


Majella Fagan (BSc Hon’s. Psychology, BA Drama) has developed this exceptional and authentic reflexology training programme and refines the programme every single year hence its outstanding quality.

Majella has spent 25 years as a professional reflexologist and has been serving on the Irish National Professional Reflexology Institute (IRIL) as a committee member and educational officer. Majella is the current Chairperson of the Institute.

Majella has been refining and writing reflexology training for all these joyful years and has trained with many world respected teachers among them being: Beryl Crane, Hanne Marquerdt, Moshe Kruchik Biderman, Chris Stormer and Inge Dougans.

Majella travels around the world as an invited lecturer to London, USA-New York and Oregon and Europe. She lectures in spiritual holistic health and the Psychology of holism alongside Celtic spirituality. One of her specialties much in demand is energetic emotional reflexology, etc.

Majella hosts groups here in Ireland for spiritual work from all over the world. Many people travel in from all parts of the country and the USA and Europe to study at Green Tara, and we have had people move to Ireland just to study with us for our spiritual holistic aspects and for the high standard of and unique aspects of our training. People travel from all over Ireland so we provide our weekend course to facilitate this.

Course Overview 

Our reflexology training course is intended for those who wish to gain a recognized professional Irish qualification and an internationally recognized qualification (ITEC) in order to practice in Ireland and the world as a professional Reflexologist .

The aim of this reflexology course is to train you to a very high level. Upon completion of the training you will have an extremely detailed and broad knowledge of Reflexology. You will be fully capable and confident of entering the world of the Professional Reflexology. We also include postgraduate training in our course unlike any other College, unique to Green Tara, and teach beyond the prescribed syllabus.

Reflexology training at Green Tara College is to the highest standard and quality covering both ITEC and Irish Reflexologist’s Institute, National Register of Reflexology Ireland, Association of Reflexologist’s UK and recognized under European legislation accreditation requirements. ITEC qualification have been aligned with Irish qualification system e.g. aligned with QQI qualifications.

The Reflexology course covers all aspects of Reflexology along side the study of the Holistic Field in-depth together with personal development and business skills to enable you to work as a Professional Reflexology.

The Reflexology course includes business and marketing skills so that you can become fully equipped to earn a living within the Holistic Health Field.

Image by tremaestro from PixabayNo experience or knowledge is required in order to attend the Reflexology course and it is an excellent foundation course upon which you can add many, many postgraduate qualifications – such as Indian Head Massage, Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Ear Candling, Maternity Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology, Reflexology for children – and endless more possibilities for offering treatments as a holistic therapist.

Our Reflexology course at Green Tara College is unique in our true holistic approach. It includes personal development and awareness and you will come away understanding people and how to help them in a personal way that is streamlined to each client you will have. If you do not have this aspect, people find working professionally in the field of holistic health otherwise a major challenge.

We have a video of the practical Reflexology which you will have online access to in order to assist you in your studies

Mature students are very welcome 

Subjects Covered – Course Details

The course consists of five distinct modules all of which must be taken unless you hold a previous recognized qualification in a particular module (e.g. A&P, Unit 22).

Module 1. Practical Reflexology & Theory: The Complete Reflexology treatment to include taking a consultation, greeting and reading the feet, giving a reflexology treatment, completing the treatment and relaxation techniques:  How to give aftercare advise that is appropriate to the client. – The preparation and presentation of case studies. – Examination and preparation classes. – History and theory of reflexology (zones, reflexes.) – Effects of reflexology, benefits, contraindications, common ailments. – Continuous assessment and examination preparation work. – Emotional and energetic aspects of reflexology. – Advanced ‘reading the feet’. – Chakra balancing and energy balancing for client and therapist with reflexology.

Module 2. Anatomy & Physiology: In-depth training, teaching and understanding of the systems of the body. Our tutors are known for their outstanding passion and ability to teach Anatomy & Physiology. All tutors are long time practicing Reflexology at Green Tara College – we aim to make Anatomy & Physiology accessible and down to earth. We will make this subject exciting and fascinating as we look at how the body works and in turn relate this knowledge to reflexology.

Module 3. Client Care & Professional Conduct: You will study the code of ethics of the governing bodies. You will learn how to hold the client’s best interests and to deliver a professional reflexology treatment on all levels. You will learn how to take care of yourself as a therapist through energy management and practice. You will learn how to hold healthy boundaries. You will learn how to respond to the client in all types of possible situations and presenting illnesses and how to treat specifically with reflexology. You will become practiced in dealing with people politely and gently. You will understand hygiene procedures, professionalism, client care and consideration, handling and working with clients. Most importantly, you will be guided in how to offer your reflexology treatments streamlined to the client’s needs. The reflexology course includes the study and understanding of other holistic therapies.

Module 4. Professional Business & Client Care: Here we study setting up in business and business practice: Different types of business, operating as a sole trader or an employer, health & safety, hygiene, insurance & legal considerations, marketing, special requirements, networking, communication, marketing literature, developing your relationship with other therapists, professional associations. Being in business and record keeping.

Module 5. Holistic & Spiritual Approach – energy management, protection & awareness: Students will become aware of energy and how it works in our everyday life, the philosophies and practices of working as an energetic practitioner. You will learn about the energetic systems of the body – auras, chakras and how to build and preserve your own energy so you are not exhausted after giving a treatment. We encourage the development of your intuitive self so that you will be able to offer a deep reflexology treatment working with the complete holistic aspect of your client – energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will learn to sense the ‘energy’ of the client through their feet and energy body and chakra. You will learn how to balance the client’s energy through the feet – this is unique teaching. You will learn some psychology of how we develop as people and why we are the way we are (developmental psychology) which helps you further understand your client and meet their needs.

Course Contents Summary

You will learn more at Green Tara than any other school, you will also have all the ITEC required hours of teaching and more. You will learn the energetic principles of reflexology for yourself as the therapist and for your clients. We offer all the postgraduate specialist training’s which are on an advanced level.

  • In-depth practical training – precision reflexology which is necessary for the effect of an effective treatment
  • History of Reflexology and its influences
  • The theory of Reflexology – as per ITEC and as per the IRIL
  • Extra theory and practice not on regular ITEC courses
  • Reflexology zones
  • Reading the feet (visual observations)
  • Chakras, meridians, reflexology, and some Chinese medicine
  • Common disorders, treatments, and how to treat for each one specifically
  • Common ailments & Contraindications and cautions
  • Mapping of the feet and practical Reflexology
  • Zones of the Body
  • The Holistic Approach, modern medicine, effects on health
  • Case histories, practice and preparation as a professional
  • 60 hours of case histories
  • Exploring and understanding the Holistic Approach
  • Study Aid Classes
  • Examination Preparation Classes
  • Expert professional ITEC approved foot charts (see end of page for an example)

Upon successful completion of this unique Reflexology training course you will be qualified to carry out a holistic Reflexology treatment as an accredited Reflexologist and holistic therapist. You will have acquired the skills to communicate with and facilitate the client in consultation. You will have an ingrained knowledge of Reflexology and holistic health. You will be a qualified professional Reflexologist.

You will have had the highest most holistic training as a Reflexologist that it is possible to have!

Academic Award – ITEC

  • ITEC Diploma in Reflexology
  • ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
  • ITEC Certificate in Business
  • ITEC Certificate in Covid Hygiene
  • Green Tara Diploma in Holistic Reflexology
  • Green Tara Certificate in Energy Management

Students are taught to the highest standards beyond ITEC and to the standard of the Irish Reflexologist’s Institute

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Benefits when you train with us:

  • The ITEC qualification is internationally recognized. You can work on cruise ships and anywhere in the world.
  • With the ITEC qualifications, if you decide to study any other holistic qualification such as massage, aromatherapy, beauty etc. you do not have to retake Anatomy or Business training again. Once you hold the qualification, you just have to study your subsequent qualification subject.
  • With our qualification you are eligible to gain insurance to practice and to join professional associations and thus your clients can claim back from VHI & Viva’s health insurance.
  • We care about you as an individual and help you in your journey.
  • Once you train with us you will receive a discount on future Diploma courses.
  • We are the only school to give a free graduation party as a thank you to you for training with us – and it is a genuine celebration of your success.
  • Mature experienced teachers who are qualified for many years and working in the field. All teachers are vetted and hold teaching qualifications in teaching adults.
  • Some of our teachers are members of the Teaching Council of Ireland and teach for the government in adult further education, among them being the school principal.
  • Some of the tutors are University lecturers.
  • We are superb at teaching absolute beginners and people who haven’t studied in a long time, so please be assured you are welcome.
  • 15 years teaching and refining this training in Reflexology.
  • Our professionalism in all aspects of the training.
  • Courses start and finish on time.
  • Guaranteed for the course to meet ITEC recommended hours (and more) and to run the assessments as per ITEC requirements.
  • All assessments are run strictly to the ITEC regulations, for example exam papers are opened in front of students at the moment of the exam only, appropriate time is given, etc.
  • All learners are treated equally.
  • You are welcome to move between the Anatomy and Reflexology classes, which helps if you work night shift or are off ill. We welcome learners to double take classes at no extra fee in order to facilitate learning.
  • We are the only spiritual holistic College in the country and this is the essence of holism.
  • Many of the tutors have science degrees so people can take from the holistic modules what works for them and leave the rest – nothing is forced – all is offered.
  • We are the first College in the world to teach the ITEC Diploma in Reiki.
  • We have moderate size classes from 4-16 so that you can gain one-to-one care as a student if needed.
  • We offer a community for holistic practitioners with monthly therapy swaps and shares to support you.
  • We are always available after you graduate for ongoing support and help.
  • We offer a practitioner mentoring programme.
  • We offer ITEC teacher training – you may one day be called to teach.
  • We are excellent at facilitating extra learning needs and have helped people who are visually impaired and aurally challenged through the training on many occasions.
  • If events occur in your private life that make finishing all the subjects and the full course a difficulty, once you have paid all your fees including exam fees you can decide to take just some of the modules and transfer over to the same subject later on. We will hold this offer for five years (see terms and conditions upon enrollment).

Teaching Staff

Majella FaganMajella Fagan, BSc, BA

Majella has spent 25 years as a professional reflexologist and has been serving on the Irish National Professional Reflexology Institute (IRIL) as a committee member and educational officer for many, many years. Majella originally started teaching with the IRIL schools and trained through IRIL. Majella is honoured to be the current Chairperson of the Institute.

Majella has been refining and writing reflexology training for all these joyful years and has trained with many world respected teachers among them being: Beryl Crane, Hanne Marquerdt, Moshe Kruchik Biderman and Inge Dougans.

Majella lectures in Spiritual Holistic Health and the Psychology of Holism alongside Celtic Spirituality. One of her specialties (much in demand) is energetic emotional reflexology.

Majella hosts groups here in Ireland for spiritual holistic work from all over the world. People travel from all over Ireland and UK/Europe due to her unique and grounded teaching, which is first embedded on the physical aspects and then it built upon with the energetic principles of reflexology. Majella is known for the high standard and unique aspects of her training that comes from a wide knowledge that only occurs due to on-going experience and never-ending professional development training.

Carlo Vale

Carlo Vale

Carlo started teaching for Green Tara College in 2015.  Carlo completed his Reiki Masters in South Africa before moving to Ireland in 2003. Wanting to continue in the holistic field and further his education, he studied ITEC Reflexology and ITEC Massage at Green Tara College in its opening year. He has since gone on to achieve ITEC qualifications in Sports Massage, Diet and Nutrition, Reiki, Hot Stone and Indian head Massage, Aromatherapy and has recently completed the ITEC Beauty Specialist qualification. He has completed further training in Reflexology for Fertility, Maternity, Oncology and Intellectual Difficulties as well as Chakra Balancing Reflexology and Baby & Toddler Reflexology. He is also qualified in Hopi Ear Candling, has studied Shamanism (Core, Celtic and Inka Traditions) and is a Tai Chi Instructor.

Equipment Needed

itec-reflexologyThe College will provide all the necessary teaching equipment. The equipment – that you will need is minimal and includes the following:

  • Larger ring bound folder to hold A4 Sheets & dividers
  • One clip board
  • Coloured highlighter pens in red, orange, pink, green, yellow, blue, purple
  • Small ruler and pencil
  • Two bath sheet towels and two hand towels – Black for exams, any colour for class
  • Massage table cover – available at Green Tara or
  • Antibacterial gel and wipes – Lidl have biodegradable wipes (theory and practical classes)
  • Equipment wipes e.g. Dettol or Liddl’s (theory and practical classes)
  • Professional Therapist Uniform to be worn for all classes with hair tied back: Black therapist tunic, black wide legged work trousers with crease in front, black socks, full covered black shoes, hair band, hair tied up, short nails free from nail varnish
  • No jewellery except wedding band (practical Reflexology only)
  • Tape Recorder if studying the Anatomy & Physiology Module (personal choice)
  • Your own email address and access to the internet and College website


The College gives out extensive handouts and notes which cover the main body of all course work, however the following books are compulsory:

  • An Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology by Louise Tucker, most recent edition (for A & P class)
  • An Introduction to Reflexology by Louise Tucker, most recent edition.
  •       An Introductory Guide to Reflexology by Louise Tucker

All books are available on-line. Consider buying the books second hand on internet also.

Qualification Requirements for ITEC

  • A 100% commitment is required
  • Successful completion of the ITEC one-hour multiple choice reflexology paper – Unit 4
  • Successful completion of the ITEC one-hour multiple choice Business paper – Unit 22
  • Successful completion of the ITEC one-hour Anatomy & Physiology paper – Unit 1
  • Successful completion of the ITEC one-hour practical examination including oral
  • Successful completion of the ITEC Covid Practice Module
  • Successful completion of the submission of 40 hours of case histories-practice of Reflexology
  • Submission of Green Tara College course assignments
  • Energy Management module completed

Enrollment and entry qualifications

  • It is advised that Students have a caring and helpful disposition with a desire to learn more about the Holistic Field and way of being
  • Have an acceptable knowledge & capability of written and oral English
  • Completed Student Consultation Card/Application Form (Confidential)
  • Enclose Course Deposit (non-refundable)
  • Agree to follow the College & governing body Code of Ethics & submit completed College Contract
  • Places are awarded following a College interview in person or via telephone

All the modules must be completed unless you hold previous recognized qualifications

Compulsory Modules
: Reflexology, Anatomy, Business, Energy Management

Option 1 –  €1295.00 + exam fee 
(must hold a recognized Anatomy Diploma already
or  have a nursing qualification)

1. Two recognized Reflexology Diploma Qualifications (ITEC & GTC) -IRIL & NNRI recognized
2. ITEC Business Awareness Certificate – Unit 22
3. Certificate in Energy Management – Green Tara College

Option 2 –  €1495.00  + exam fee
Full Diplomas Special Offer (normally €1995.00)

1. Two recognized Reflexology Diploma Qualifications (ITEC & GTC)-IRIL & NNRI recognized
2. ITEC Business Awareness Certificate – Unit 22
3. Certificate in Energy Management – Green Tara College
4. ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

Payment Information 

  • Reflexology Course Fee – all subjects: – €1495.00 (examination fees not included). Examination Fees: €195.00 = Total fee: €1690.00 (Pay all fees in one payment and receive a €100.00 discount)
  • Hold an anatomy qualification already? If you hold a recognized qualification already you may not have to take this module again, if so fees are reduced.
  • Installment Methods: We are very  happy to help our learners with an installment plan. Payments must be made on a set date into our bank account or are taken from your card each month automatically until paid.
  • Discount: If you pay all fees up front including examination fees you can gain a discount of €100.00

    Installment plan –
    no extra fee incurred

  • €450.00 deposit (non-refundable)
    €350.00 month two,
    €350.00 month three,
    €350.00 month four,
    €190.00 month five
  • Course Deposit: €450.00 – Non-refundable or transferable, (includes exam fee which must be paid up front) Examination Fees: €195.00
  • Total course fees  which includes the special offer including ITEC exam fees and tuition fee = €1690.00 (normally €2.200 if modules taken individually)
  • Students are welcome to pay off the fees as quickly as they wish also
  • If you are on a reduced course fee you must still meet the required payment of €450.00 deposit and €350.00 per month until you have paid full fees – thank you.
  • Students agree to follow the College & governing body Code of Ethics & submit completed College Contract
  • Places are awarded following a College interview (face to face or via telephone)
  • Please note that if you have a previous relevant qualification in Anatomy or Business you may be eligible to carry that qualification forward, however there is an extra ITEC fee for this service.

Dates – Available Options

Full dates available for each course at bottom of page

Option 1 -booking now

One day a month – starts January 2021 – finish December 2021
Saturdays -once a month
9.00am-6.00pm (9am-12pm anatomy class & 1pm-6pm Reflex)
Saturday January 30th 2021
December 2021

Option 2- Autumn Courses -booking now

Weekly – Wednesdays Evenings  OR Thursday Mornings
(you choose whether you want evening or morning course)
Starts: F
irst Wednesday (7th)  OR  first Thursday (8th) in  October 2020
7.00-10.00 pm  or 10am-1pm
May 30 2021

Option 3 -open for booking

One day a monthstart June  2021 – finish May 20212 
Day: Sunday –once a month
9.00am-6.00pm -(9am-12pm anatomy class & 1-6pm Reflex)
  May 2021
May  2022

Option 5 

Fast Track condensed Training Course
Summer 2021 – finish December 2021

Various Course Dates Below

Reflexology January Class Dates 2022
Dates Reflexology Class only – Saturday’s (mostly 1pm-6pm)
January 29 – Via Zoom  // February 26 – via Zoom//March 26– via zoom,
April 09 -inhouse //May 07 inhouse //June 11 inhouse //July 09 inhouse,
August 20 inhouse  //September 05/ /October 01// November 05 & November 26 (inhouse)
December 03 Saturday & 04 Sunday– full day classes

Dates Anatomy Class only – (9.00am-12.00pm)-via zoom- classes recorded
29 – Anatomical positions & language& introduction
20 –The cell  – March 20 – Skin & Tissues  – April 17 – Skeletal System,
May  15 – Muscular System – June 12 –  Circulatory System – July  10 – Lymphatic System
July  25- Sunday full day class (extra day for anatomy) (Urinary, Respiratory & Reproductive systems)
August 21 – Endocrine System – September 18– Nervous System – October 09- Digestive System,
December 04– review class

Zoom Business Module: (can be taken as home study module also)- VIA Zoom
February 2022 – Friday 11 (7-10pm) & Saturday 12 (9am-6-30pm)
or   October 2022:  Friday 15 (6-10pm) & Saturday 16 (9am-6.00pm)

Zoom Energy Management & Psychologyfull attendance mandatory- VIA ZOOM
January 2022:  Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 – (Times: 9.00am-18.00pm)
or September 2022:  Saturday 24 & Sunday 25

Pre-assessments/Mock exams/Final assessment & submission of course assessment material
 must be available both days Saturday   03 & 04 Sunday – December

ITEC Final Assessments
December 2022– Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 & Sunday 04

Practical Reflexology classes are inhouse & theory classes are via zoom

Reflexology Class Dates

Reflexology –Wednesdays evenings (7-10pm) or  Thursdays mornings (10am-1pm)
Wednesday night Reflexology class dates
2021 = October: 06/13/20   –   November: 03/10/17/24   – December: 01/8/15
2022 = January: 12/19/26  –  February: 02/09/16/  –  March: 02/09/16/23/30  –  April; 06/20/27
Thursday morning Reflexology class dates
2021 = October: 07/14/21/  –  November: 04/11/18/25  –  December: 02/09/16
2022 = January:13/20/27  –  February: 03/10/17  –  March: 03/10/17/24/31  –  April:  07/21/28

Anatomy & Physiology Module  –  Tuesdays mostly ( 7-10pm) -VIA ZOOM
October 12 (The cell)    &  October 26 (Muscular System)
November 02 (Integumentary system/skin/tissues)  & November 16 (reproductive system) &
November 30 (Urinary system)   & December 07 (Nervous System)
December 12 Sunday:  (Digestive system 9am-12pm) & (Lymphatic system start 1pm) & (respiratory system-last system of the day)
January 11 (Skeletal system)  & January 25 (Cardiovascular system)
February 01 (Endocrine system)
March 15  (Review & exam preparation class
April 06 (Exam preparation & official mock exam)
Please note there are alternative Anatomy dates which you can choose – go to bottom of this page to
see dates -note this page is regularly updated:

Business & Professional Conduct Module -VIA ZOOM
October 2021: Friday 15 (7-10pm) & Saturday 16 (9am-6.00pm) (we recommend this option)
February 2022:  Friday 12 (7-10pm)  & Saturday 13 (10am-6.00pm)

Energy Management for Therapist & Client Care- created by Majella -unique to GTC-VIA ZOOM

September 2021:  Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 (9.00am-6.00pm)
this module may be taken before you start your Reflexology classes- please contact for further information
or January 2022:  Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 (9.00am-6.00pm)

Covid-19 Hygiene Module -VIA ZOOM
November 2021
: Wednesday 03 (7-10pm) or February  28 Monday 2022:  (7-10pm)

Examination Dates:
Pre-Assessments: April  Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 2021
ITEC Final Assessments – Saturday 30 April & Sunday 01 May & Monday 02 May
Final ITEC official assessments (to be confirmed by ITEC)

Holidays as follows
Halloween break October – week starting- Monday 25 October 2021
Xmas – Friday 17 December 2021 to 10th January 2022
January – first class back is on Wednesday 12th January 2022
Mid-term break February – week starting Monday 21 February 2022
Easter break – Monday 11 to Friday 15 April 2022

Fast Track Reflexology July to December  
Dates  2021

Reflexology Module Class Dates –(Times- 9:30-18:00)
There will be a mixture of practical inhouse classes and zoom theory classes
June:  Sunday 27 
July:  Sunday 11 & Saturday 17
August:  Sunday 22 & Saturday 28
 Sunday 05 (zoom -10am)  & Saturday 11 (practical 10am-6pm))
October: Sunday 10
Sunday 14 (zoom-maybe inhouse) & Sunday 28 (in-house)
December: Saturday 04 & Sunday 05 (mix of zoom and inhouse)

Energy Management & Energetic applications of your therapycompletely compulsory ZOOM
September 2021: Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 (we recommend this option)

ITEC Professional Conduct & Business skills for working as a successful therapist- ZOOM
October 2021:  Friday 15 (7-10pm) & Saturday 16 (9am-6.00pm) – (may be home studied also)

Covid-19 Hygiene Module – ZOOM
November 2021: Wednesday 03 (7-10pm) Zoom – (may be home studied also)

Anatomy & Physiology
July: 10 Saturday – Lymphatic System-(9am-12pm)
July: 18 Sunday – Skin & Tissues (9am-12pm) or November: 02-Tuesday (7-10pm)
July: 25 Sunday – ( Respiratory & Reproductive & Urinary systems) (09:00-18:00) – full day
August: 21 Saturday – Endocrine system-(9am-12pm)
August: Sunday 22 – Skeletal System-(9am-12pm)
September: Saturday 18 –Nervous system-(9am-12pm)
September: Sunday 19 – Muscular system – (9am-12pm)
October:  Saturday 09 – Digestive system- (9am-12pm)
October: 12 – The Cell- Tuesday (7-10pm)
October:  31 – Cardiovascular system -Sunday (9am-12pm)

Official final assessments & Examinations & final submission of course work
December Saturday 04 & Sunday 05 – Official pre-assessments/pre-runs- mock exams
December Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 – Final ITEC official assessments (to be confirmed by ITEC)


Reflexology June Class Dates  2021

Dates Reflexology Diploma starting June 2021- finish May 2022
Module Class Dates – (The practice & theory of Holistic Reflexology)
June 27 – (1pm-6pm)//July 18 – (1pm-6pm)//August 22 – (1pm-6pm)//September 19 – (1pm-6pm)
October 31 – (1pm-6pm)//November 28 – (09:00-6pm)-full reflexology day
2022 January 09– (1pm-6pm)//February 06– (1pm-6pm)
February 27 – (10am-6pm) full day reflexology//March 06 -(9am-6pm)
March 26 – (10am-6pm)-full day//April 10 -(9am-6pm)

Anatomy Module  -Times: 9am-12pm
(there is the option of starting anatomy right now and getting ahead – contact us for details)

Sundays – Times: 9am-12pm
July 18 – Tissues & Skin
July 25 Full day class-(Respiratory & Reproductive & Urinary systems) 09:00am-6:00pm
August 22 – Skeletal system  /September 19 – Muscular system
October: 11 – The Cell- Tuesday (7-10pm)
October 31 – Cardiovascular system//November – no anatomy class (all day reflexology instead)
December 12 – (9am-6pm)- full anatomy day– Respiratory-Lymphatic & Digestive Systems- full day
2022 – January 09 – Nervous system  //February 07- Review AP

Energy Management & Energetic applications of your therapy – completely compulsory
September 2021: Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 (we recommend this option)
or January 2022: Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 – Times: 9am-6.30pm both days

Business & Legal  skills for working as a successful commentary therapist
October 2021 : Friday 15 (7-10pm) & Saturday 16 (9am-6.00pm) (we recommend this option)
or February 2021: Friday 12 (7-9.30pm) Saturday 13 (9am-6.00pm)

Covid-19 Hygiene Module
November 2021: Wednesday 03 (7-10pm) or February  28 Monday 2022:  (7-10pm)

Examinations- final assessments
Mocks: April 2022: Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 – pre-assessments/pre runs- mock exams
ITEC Final Assessments – Saturday 30 April & Sunday 01 May
Final ITEC official assessments (to be confirmed by ITEC)


Reflexology January Class Dates  2021

Dates Reflexology Class only – Saturdays  (mostly 1pm-6pm)
January 30-Introduction, induction and Reflexology full day (9am-6pm)
February 20 Saturday, March 20 Saturday, April 17 Saturday, May 15 Saturday, June 12 Saturday, July 10 Saturday, August 21 Saturday
August 14 Saturday(extra days class) (full day Reflexology -start at 9am to 6pm )
 18 Saturday,
October 09 Saturday, November 06 Saturday – full day reflexology (9am-6pm)
December 04Saturday /05 Sunday- full day classes 

Dates Anatomy Class only (9.00am-12.00pm)
February 20 – Anatomical positions & language & The cell
March 20 – Skin & Tissues , April 17 – Skeletal System, May  15 – Muscular System
June 12-  Circulatory System, July  10- Lymphatic System
July  25- Sunday full day class (extra day for anatomy) (Urinary, respiratory & Repro. systems)
August 21 – Endocrine System, September 18- Nervous System
October 09- Digestive System,  December 04- review class

Zoom Business Module:
(can be taken as home study module also)
– Friday 12 (7-10pm) & Saturday 13  (9am-6-30pm)-VIA Zoom
or   October:  Friday 15  (6-10pm) & Saturday 16 (9am-6.00pm)

Zoom Energy Management & Psychology: 
full attendance mandatory
January 2021:  Saturday 16 & Sunday 17  Times: 9.00am-18.00pm
September 2021:   Saturday  25 & Sunday 26

Pre-assessments/Mock exams/Final assessment & submission of course assessment material
Saturday  04 & 05 Sunday  December – pre assessments/mock exams/assignments final submission

ITEC Final Assessments – Saturday 11 & Sunday 12   December 2021
confirmed nearer the time by ITEC

Advanced Masters in Reflexology

Take 10 postgraduate courses within a 12 month period with Green Tara and receive the Advanced Diploma in Reflexology Masters

Contact Majella  046 90 60 600