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Fertility Reflexology

Practitioner’s Certification in Fertility Reflexology

Dates for Fertility Reflexology 2022 – LIVE ZOOM TRAINING

Live interactive & supervised training.  You can gain insurance and CPD.
Recognized training.

June:  Wednesday 22nd,  Theory  (7-10pm)
June:  Wednesday 29th,  Practical (7-10pm)

The first class is the extensive theory of Fertility Reflexology , the second class is Practical.
You will have a person to work on at home if possible.
You will have access to videos of the techniques and the treatment also via Moodle.

Course Overview

This is a post-graduate training course in Reflexology.
The knowledge can be used by people who wish to learn to apply reflexology techniques for Fertility in both male and females.

Working Professionally as a Reflexologist, we have found it to be an essential post-graduate training qualification in order to be a successful therapist. This feedback and course has come from our own experience and from 15 years of graduate feedback.

Reflexology has a major reputation for ‘helping people become pregnant’ through increasing the body’s readiness to become pregnant. Reflexology is renowned for helping people who have had difficulty in conceiving for many, many years. It is also renowned for helping women conceive when there is no known medical reason for difficulty in conceiving. It is excellent at complementing fertility medical programmes and increases the chances of becoming pregnant greatly. It is excellent for males who have conception issues and brings the body back into balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

“I have just completed Fertility Reflexology with Majella, this is my third course in Fertility Reflexology  with other teachers, as I have a huge interest in it. I have to say this one was on another level completely.  Brilliant easy to understand notes written in a very concise form.  The actual Reflexology techniques for Fertility Reflexology are simply amazing and work on connecting with the client through the energy systems of the body through Reflexology.  You can actually feel the stress leaving the client’s body.   I have worked on a few people already and all commented how relaxed and balanced they felt afterwards.  I am really excited about using all the new techniques going forward in general reflexology also. ”  (Daphne Graham professional Reflexologists – March 2021)

logoIrish Reflexologist's InstituteThe aim of this course is to train you to  the  highest level. By the end of this course you will have a confident, detailed and broad knowledge of Fertility Reflexology and how to carry out a complete treatment. You will have confidence and expertise. You will also have unique new energetic techniques which enable you to connect the endocrine glands and free stagnation of energy. Your Reflexology  practice  will be greatly enhanced.


Green Tara College Post Graduate Certificate in Fertility Reflexology.
Recognized by the Irish Reflexology Institute, NRRI, AOR and Health Insurance Companies

You will receive a detailed manual and professional post graduate Certificate
CPD points for IRIL, NRRI, FHT &  AOR  which include  practical reflexology CPD points.

“Fantastic course. All parts of the training, both theory and practical, were covered in great detail and explained so well by our brilliant teacher Majella. I’ve already booked my next course with them!”“  Carol D – March 2021

You clients will be able to claim back from Health Care Companies if you are a member of a professional reflexology association.

Course Content

Through Majella’ s experience of over 30 years in this field she has developed, practiced and recorded results through working with clients while using the practical aspects and the unique energetic principles that we offer. This is a truly superb training which includes connecting anatomical systems and organs through various reflexology techniques. This is essential in assisting to help the body to prepare for successfull  reproduction. You will have a thorough training in the physical and practical aspects alongside the energetic and emotional aspects of fertility issues. Other general courses will only teach you the practical aspects of Fertility Reflexology. You will find that your results as a reflexologist will be greatly improved and much better-rounded in a true holistic manner when treating for Fertility issues. You will have clarity on how to apply the methods.

  • What is infertility?
  • General Causes of infertility
  • Causes of infertility in women & men
  • Causes of recurrent miscarriage
  • The diagnosing of infertility within the medical model
  • The knowledge of treatment options within the medical and holistic models
  • Understanding Assisted Conception
  • Understanding any complications regarding providing a Fertility Reflexology treatment
  • Energetic Essential Principles: Working to prepare for the womb for  incoming  soul through reflexology
  • Aims of the reflexology treatment in Fertility
  • Combining treating with Reflexology for females &  males, working with the couple
  • Explanation of specific techniques used and four hours of exchange practice in class
  • Advanced Reflexology techniques which increases your knowledge base
  • Clearing stagnant energy with reflexology , increasing low energy in a reflex, releasing built up energy in a reflex
  • Contraindications, cautions and common ailments
  • Sealing in energy/Grounding energy, clearing energy, increasing energy in reflexes
  • Looking after and harnessing your own energy/chi during treatments
  • Client Care and professionalism
  • Energetic connections of the organs and emotions
  • Possible client reactions/ Relevant Home Care Advise following the treatments//Therapist Insurance

Course Fee
Normal fee: €165.00
Special offer €150.00 to  GTC graduates & members of  IRIL, NRRI, AOR & FHT  members (use the discount code: professional  when paying the full course fee only of  €165.00 or the balance fee of 115.00 and it will apply the €15 discount)

Booking – How do I book a place?

In order to book a place click the REGISTER button.  This will add the course to your shopping cart.  From there you can fill in your details and tell us how you would like to pay.

Methods of payment

You can pay by any method which you prefer.  We will email you a booking receipt which contains the instructions for your choice.

  • Card  –  via the website online (you do not need a Paypal account), we are using paypal as a method but you do not have to have an account you can pay that way by card.
  • Telephone – if you are not comfortable paying by card online, we can telephone you and take your card details over the phone or you may phone us directly on 046 9060600.  This option is not available for Installment Payments.
  • Cash – you may arrange to call to the school to pay in person, it is best to telephone first
  • Cheque or postal order: You may post to Green Tara College, Tara House, Top Floor, 28/29 Trimgate Lane, Navan, Co. Meath. C15 W8NY.  You may wish to register post especially if it is a postal order. Make the payment out to Green Tara College.
    A place on the course cannot be guaranteed without payment.

If you would like to have a chat about the course please contact Majella Fagan on 0868635241 or 0469060600. Email:

Course Teacher

Majella FaganMajella Fagan, BSc, BA

Majella has spent 25 years as a professional reflexologist and has been serving on the Irish National Professional Reflexology Institute (IRIL) as a committee member and educational officer for many, many years. Majella originally started teaching with the IRIL schools and trained through IRIL. Majella is honoured to be the current Chairperson of the Institute.

Majella has been refining and writing reflexology training for all these joyful years and has trained with many world respected teachers among them being: Beryl Crane, Hanne Marquerdt, Moshe Kruchik Biderman and Inge Dougans.

Majella lectures in Spiritual Holistic Health and the Psychology of Holism alongside Celtic Spirituality. One of her specialties (much in demand) is energetic emotional reflexology.

Majella hosts groups here in Ireland for spiritual holistic work from all over the world. People travel from all over Ireland and UK/Europe due to her unique and grounded teaching, which is first embedded on the physical aspects and then it built upon with the energetic principles of reflexology. Majella is known for the high standard and unique aspects of her training that comes from a wide knowledge that only occurs due to on-going experience and never-ending professional development training.

Majella and our tutors are trained in many holistic therapies and all are ITEC & IRIL approved tutors.