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Natural Product Making

 Creating  Natural Products 2024

Natural Product Making -Course Fees: €245 .00
April 2024- Saturday  13 in house (9.00am–6.00pm).

Make Natural Face & Body creams – €295.00
April :  Sunday 14  (9.00am–6.00pm)

Making Natural Healing Balms- €295.00
April : Monday 15  (9.00am–6.00 pm)

Book all three courses for a discounted price – €695.00

(see below for booking details for each course)

Natural Product Making –Course Fees: €245 .00
April 2024-
Saturday  13 in house (9.00am–6.00pm).

Make Natural Face & Body creams – €295.00
April :  Sunday 14  (9.00am–6.00pm)

Making Natural Healing Balms- €295.00
April : Monday 15  (9.00am–6.00 pm)

Book all three courses for a discounted price – €695.00

Would you like to learn how to make your own natural products?

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in your shower gel, bath salts and soaps? Are they full of damaging and possibly life threatening chemicals? Do you understand the chemical terms used for lists of ingredients and wonder what they mean? Do you worry frequently about damaging ingredients in your wash products?

You can learn to make your own natural products and know exactly what is in them. You can choose the ingredients and take more control of our own health and well-being.

This is a fun and easily accessible class and is open to everybody. No previous qualifications are necessary. You will learn various necessary recipes and to create your own. You can use your products for gifts.

What will you learn in natural product making?

  • Make lovely bath salts such as Rose Petal bath salts
  • Make healthy body scrubs
  • Make products suitable for various skin types
  • Use Aromatherapy essential oils safely in your products
  • Make natural face scrubs
  • Use herbs safely in your products such as rose petals, lavender etc.
  • Make your own Liquid soap 
  • Make your own hand sanitiser
  • Make your own healing gel that is excellent for minor burns, insect bites, irritated skin, spots, even can be used as an after-sun soother.
  • About carrier base oils and how they work with the relevant aromatherapy oils
  • How to label, store and the shelf life of your products
  • Make natural products that are healthy and in harmony with our environment
  • Choose and be creative in your product making with natural, organic ingredients
  • Learn about the ingredients in-depth
  • How to use ingredients safely and well
  • Combining waxes and butters/oils (L2)

Progression routes – learn more

  • Gift your products to friends and family
  • Learn how to make natural creams for face, body lotions, massage, healing gels & creams, lip balms in our 1 day workshop – Natural Creams
  • Achieve a professional Diploma in the use of Aromatherapy Essential Oils (insert link to the theory only page)
  • Achieve a professional Diploma in Aromatherapy & Aromatherapy Massage
  • Achieve a professional Diploma in Aroma-Reflexology
  • The above Diplomas allow you to achieve professional status, become insured to practice professionally.
  • Employment may be in spas, holistic & beauty clinics, care centres and working from home.
  • Review: I did my first class yesterday 5/03/2022.  What a beautiful class it was! Couldn’t wait till I reached home and tried my natural products! I’ll be making more!!! Thank you Majella Fagan for organising the course and a massive thank you to an amazing teacher Eileen! Jolanta masedunskait

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