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Majella Meditations

Guided Meditations by Majella

This page will be a resource page for meditations open to everyone. At Green Tara we strive to make a positive difference in the world. This is one of our ways of giving back in thanks to the Universe. This is called ‘Ayni’ in the Andean Traditions.

Beach Relaxation and rejuvenation with Music

Beautiful beach relaxation and rejuvenation meditation. The meditation above is with music and the meditation below is repeated without music. 

Beach Rejuvenation – no music

music by Piotr Witowski from Pixabay 

Morning Meditation with th 4-Phase Breath-Become fully present

The above meditation is free from background music, just Majella’s voice,

This mediation is twofold, firstly as a daily centring exercise and enabling us to become fully present in our day, in each moment. It also teaches how to perform the 4-phase breath. This four-phase breath is a powerful breathing technique. The 4-phase breath is an essential breathing technique, for people who suffer from nervousness and panic attacks. The ideal is that 4-phase breathing itself is practiced for about ten minutes each day. It may be split into two segments of five minutes each. When the body knows the technique and it is familiar and practiced it becomes automatic. If an individual feels a panic attack coming on then they are advised to consciously switch into the four-phase breath and all will be controlled and the panic attack will be avoided. created by Majella Fagan

Healing White Light Hypno-Meditation

This meditation may assist you to deeply relax and allowing your own immune system to come into greater balance and boost your health on all levels, it can aid in achieving calmness and happiness if listened to frequently. It is excellent for people suffering with depression, fibromyalgia, body pain in particular.    It was made as a gift  during the time of the pandemic, it is still highly effective. 

Daily Reiki Meditation 

Daily meditation  to connect to the Reiki, suitable for all levels.



Leaves on a Stream- guided meditation
This meditation is excellent for releasing worrying issues and concerns- the first version is without any background music (some listeners prefer this or play their own music)

The second version beneath the picture will be with music.

Guided Leaves on a stream with music by Piotr Witowski from Pixabay 

Higher Guide Meditation
Excellent for sleeping , excellent for fears, darkness, feeling lost, a beautiful enlightening experience

Free Purple and White Petaled Flower Stock Photo

Guided Saminch’aquy and Saywach’quy