Zoom Shamanism

An introduction to shamanism via Zoom classes

Zoom Shamanism is a series of short courses which will give you a working foundation in shamanism. 

€275 – Only €19/week!

Next Course: January 19 – April 20

Each course consists of one 2-hour class via Zoom per week every Tuesday.

Between the classes you will work with special exercises which will help you integrate new shamanic perspectives and ways of living into your life.

Each course will give you a core shamanic skill.

With these core skills you will be able to guide and develop your own shamanic path.

This path is for those want to live shamanically – in harmony with nature and your life’s path, fulfilling your highest destiny, knowing who you are and why you are here.

If you are called to become a shaman for your community, as a healer or ceremony leader, this is the foundation from which to grow your practice. However, this course is not only for those who want to become shamans in their community, it is also for those who merely wish to enhance their personal lives and spiritual development.

At the end of the training you will have built a complete foundation in shamanism.

The skills taught in this course will give you everything you need to live shamanically.

Shamanism offers many benefits, including:

  • Clearing your karma, allowing you to live free and by choice upon the earth. This frees the shaman to pursue their highest destiny. No longer bound by the conditions under which they incarnated, a shaman is free to negotiate with spirit for a new, power-filled, authentic life.
  • Freeing yourself from slavery to the fear of death. Most people are (rightly) afraid of dying. A shaman is not some super hero who has conquered their fear of death, but someone who has been to the other side and knows what death really means. This doesn’t make them eager to die or careless with their life. But it does mean they are not afraid to stare death in the face, to acknowledge its reality. This enables them to be in the right state to die consciously at any time.
  • Psychic skills. A shaman has powerful psychic abilities. They know when they are under psychic attack, and are able to defend themselves psychically. A shaman can clear the energy fields of people and places, perform psychic surgery.
  • Living in harmony with nature. Even in the city, nature is all around us. So much of our present world crisis is the direct result of the fact our civilization is out of harmony with nature. Shamanism teaches you how to commune with nature, to converse with it, work with it, learn from it, and heal it. Being in right relationship with nature is the essence of shamanism.

Course Structure

The course consists of two levels over 14 weeks.

Level 1 – Foundation skills in shamanism

  • Introducing Shamanism (1 class)
  • Metaphysics of Shamanism (1 class)
  • Journeying into the Spirit Realms (2 classes)
  • Acquiring Spirit Allies (2 classes)
  • Shamanic Tools (1 class)

Level 2 – Living shamanically

  • Altars (1 class)
  • Fire Ceremony (1 class)
  • Working with the Ancestors (2 classes)
  • Making a Medicine Bundle (1 class)
  • Working with Nature (2 classes)

Level 1 – Foundation in Shamanism

The Foundation in Shamanism course covers the basic knowledge and skills required of every shaman.

This training enables you to live shamanically, able to develop your own shamanic path and grow into a deeper relationship with spirit and nature.

Can anyone be a shaman?

This question was asked recently by a student.  Many descriptions of shamanism say only special people can be shaman, so why would we offer such training to anyone who wants it?

It’s a good question, and the simple answer is YES – anyone can be a shaman.  However, like most good questions, there’s more to it if you look deeper.  This short video will explain the details.

Foundation Module 1 – Essential Shamanic Skills

Module 1 – Essential Shamanic Skills is a great way to get a feel for shamanism. It covers the essential things you need to know and provides the main skill every shaman needs – the ability to work directly with spiritual and psychic beings.

Each class is 2 hours.  


  • Weeks 1: Introducing Shamanism
  • Week 2: Metaphysics of Shamanism & how it works
  • Week 3-4: Journeying into the Spirit Realms
  • Week 5-6: Acquiring Spirit Allies
  • Week 7: Shamanic tools

Introducing Shamanism – 1 class

This course is an essential beginning class. It will introduce the concepts which will be used throughout the other classes.

  • What is shamanism – a global survey of shamanic practices. What is common to them all? Shamanism in hunting vs farming cultures.
  • Shamanism and religion – what’s the difference?
  • Shamanism in the modern world – Neo-shamanism, Core shamanism, Traditional Indigenous shamanism, drugs and “plant medicine,” Technoshamanism, trance dance and raves. Issues of cultural appropriation, native response to western seekers.
  • Living traditional shamanism – an examination of the traditional shamanic cultures experienced by the teachers – Mongolia, Peru, South Africa, Australia. We do not attempt to review all cultures throughout the world. This section covers the cultures the class teachers have personally experienced for themselves.

Metaphysics of Shamanism – 1 class

This class explains the nature of the shamanic universe and how it works. While different shamanic traditions use different terminologies, their vision of the cosmos and how it works is the same everywhere.

This class explains how it all works and what’s going on with the cosmos. 

  • The energy system – how psychic and spiritual energies work, the human energy body – chakras and meridians, energy interactions with the cosmos.
  • Inhabitants – the various people’s of the spiritual, psychic and natural dimensions.
  • The cosmos – the dimensions of the cosmos and their various inhabitants, cosmic evolution, the nature of time.
  • Being here now – incarnation and karmic pathways, destiny and fate.

Journeying into the Spirit Realms – 2 classes

A shaman is different from a priest or ordinary person because they communicate directly with spirits and other psychic beings. The most common way they do this is by travelling into the psychic (or spiritual) dimensions in which these beings live. This is called “journeying”.

This class will teach you how to journey into the spirit realms.

The first class will provide two guided journeys into the spirit realms. The second class will teach you how to travel independently through these realms, giving you the ability to come and go as you please.

  • The map. If you are travelling to a new place, you need a map so you can find your way around. We will teach you the ways in and out and give you a map of these dimensions.
  • Getting in and out. While journeying is a genetic ability in all humans, there are skills which make it easier and mistakes which make it harder. We will teach you the best ways to get into the spirit realms and solutions to the most common problems people encounter in their techniques.
  • Talking to the locals. There are right ways and wrong ways to approach and communicate with spirit beings when you journey. We will teach you how to approach them, how to tell which are friendly and which are not, how to form relationships with them and how to work with them.

Acquiring Spirit Allies – 2 classes

The reason a shaman communicates with spirit beings is because it is possible to work in partnership with them. Whether on the psychic planes or in this world, a shaman can use them to get information and bring about changes in the physical dimension, such as psychic healing. A shaman forms long-term working relationships with select spirit beings – known as “allies.”

This class will teach you how to acquire and work with spirit allies.

  • Getting a power animal – the power animal is the shaman’s “go-to” guy in the spirit realms. Every shaman has a main spirit being with whom they work. This is almost always the first spirit ally a person acquires and will be their main guide in the spirit realms. The power animal can see you’re your soul and knows you very well. If you journey to the spirit realms with a problem, the power animal knows where to go and who to see about it.
    During this session you will acquire a power animal.
  • Acquiring other spirit allies – sometimes you need to find a spirit ally with specific skills or knowledge. Other times you will be approached by spirits seeking to work with you. Not every spirit who approaches you is appropriate to work with, and all spirit allies require something in return from you. We will teach you how to locate new spirit allies and how to form relationships with them. We will teach you how to negotiate with potential spirit allies so as to form a productive relationship which serves both of you. We will teach you how to avoid forming burdensome or harmful relationships.  We will use this knowledge at later stages in the course so you can acquire spirit allies to work with you during the classes.

Shamanic Tools – 1 class

A shaman uses a number of different tools to accomplish their work. Drums are used to journey into the spirit realms and to alter states of consciousness. Rattles are used for journey work, for healing, to move psychic energy. Daggers, staffs, cloaks, hats and other items have many shamanic uses. Many shamanic traditions use medicine bundles, ranging from small bags of herbs to large bags of sacred stones. All shamanic traditions make extensive use of altars.

None of these items is merely plucked off a shelf in some store and immediately used. Shamanic tools are sacred objects, charged with their own power, and often possessing their own mind and spirit.

This class will teach you how to acquire your own shamanic tools.

  • How to pick shamanic tools. How find items with your intuition. Main types of shamanic tools and their uses.
  • Charging items. Charging is the process of filling an item with psychic energy and bringing it to life. Properly charged items can acquire their own spirit and become living beings in their own right, beings with whom you can form a deep and life-long relationship.
  • Care and feeding of shamanic tools. Shamanic tools are not like any other objects. They need special treatment and have special storage requirements.
  • Objects of Sound – drum, rattle, bell. Sound has special psychic qualities. Getting the correct sound often requires specific techniques – such as special rhythms or ways of holding them. You will not need a drum for this lesson – anything you can bang will do.
  • Clothing & jewelry – shaman are renowned for special, often outlandish, clothing. This is not done because shaman like playing dress-up. Certain fabrics and colours have specific psychic effects. Other items of clothing or jewelry can be used to psychically empower or protect.

We have special discount arrangements with online stores for you to buy your shamanic tools from:  Shamanic Supply Shops.

Some Youtube videos about shamanic tools

Foundation Level 2 – Living Shamanically

The aim of this level is to enable you to live shamanically.

Each class is 2 hours.  

We don’t want you to be dependent on us, or anyone else, for your own spiritual development. Our aim is to give you the ability to look after yourself as quickly as possible. Of course, we would love you to return for more training, but our aim is always to empower you.

Foundation Level 2 – Living Shamanically will give you the ability to develop shamanically under your own guidance, or to jump directly into more advanced training.

Living shamanically means:

  • seeing the world from the shamanic perspective.
  • having practices within your life which keep you aligned with the planet’s flow of psychic energy.
  • having the ability to recognise when you should take shamanic action and the ability to do that work.
  • being able to independently guide your shamanic development.


  • Week 1: Altars
  • Week 2: Fire ceremony
  • Weeks 3-4: Working with the ancestors
  • Week 5: Building a medicine bundle
  • Weeks 6-7: Working with nature

Altars – 1 class

Altars are special places of power. They are channels between this world and the spirit dimensions. They are places which can bring powerful spiritual energies into your life. You can use altars to charge and purify objects.

However, most people’s altars are little more than collections of sacred objects. The arrangement of objects on the altar, the shape and positioning of the altar, and the rituals associated with it, all have a powerful effect on how the altar operates in your life. Badly constructed altars can be useless, or even bring unpleasant energies into your world.

This class will bring your altar to a higher level – you will know how to construct powerful and holy altars which radiate sacred energy, and you will know why.

  • How altars work – the metaphysics of altars, how psychic energy flows through and from altars.
  • Sacred dimensions – the right shape and size for effective altars.
  • Care and feeding of altars – preparing the space before building an altar, cleansing altars.
  • Objects and altars – what should, and should not, be placed on an altar, how to cleanse and charge objects with altars, how to change out altar items.
  • Building altars – ceremony and journey work to construct your altar in partnership with spirit.
  • Personal use of altars – how to interact with altars, make offerings and receive blessings.

Fire ceremony – 1 class (including a fire ceremony via Zoom)

Fire is an important part of most shamanic traditions. Fires can be used for blessings, for cleansing, for initiations, for seasonal ceremonies such as Spring Equinox and Winter Solstice. Fire brings people together in community and offers a contemplative seeing glass for personal insight. A fire can be carefully constructed into ritual forms or little more than a simple candle burning in the dark.

This class will teach you how to hold a shamanic fire ceremony. This will include Zoom participation in a real fire ceremony.

  • How to build a fire – practical skills to make it work, ritual arrangements of wood for different effects, working fire in harmony with the landscape.
  • Seasonal fire ceremonies – the eight seasonal ceremonies of the year and the traditions of their fire ceremonies.
  • Creating and holding space – calling the spirits to the fire, psychic protection of the ceremonial space, honoring the flames.
  • Personal fire work – using fires for divination, using fire for blessings and offerings, fire prayer and fire cleansing.

Working with the ancestors – 2 classes

The ancestors are an important part of many cultures, but have been neglected in modern western culture. The ancestors include our deceased relatives, but also the vast body of peoples who have walked this earth before us.

The class will teach you what and who the ancestors are, how to form a connection with them, and how to ensure the relationship is positive and beneficial.

  • Understanding the ancestors – who are the ancestors, what is the “ancestor field”, what do the ancestors want from us.
  • Connecting to your personal ancestors – your family ancestors, your cultural ancestors, the ancestors in your locality. Transference from one generation to the next – family curses and family karma.
  • Working with the lineage – all the shamans who have lived before leave their wisdom in the earth’s psychic field. This body of wisdom is known as “the lineage.” A trained shaman can connect to the lineage for advice and help in their work.
  • Building an ancestor altar – where to put it, how to work with it, how to keep your ancestors in the altar and out of the bedroom.

Building a medicine bundle – 1 class

All shaman have sacred objects they carry most of the time, often called a “medicine bundle”. These are used in their shamanic activities and as “batteries” of psychic power they can draw from as they need. Each shamanic culture has a unique approach to building medicine bundles.

Each tradition has a unique way of doing medicine bundles, so you need to learn a specific technique from a specific culture. This class will teach the medicine bundle practices of the Q’ero. The Q’ero are the main indigenous people’s of the Andes, still practicing today the shamanic techniques of the Inca Empire. The Q’ero medicine bundle, known as a “mesa” is a powerful platform for shamanic work. In some regions mesas are called “mishas”. Q’ero mesas are extremely easy to use because they allow for the inclusion of a wide variety of objects and so do not require special things which are hard to acquire. This also means they can support a wide variety of shamanic activities.

This class will teach you how to build your own Q’ero medicine bundle, or “mesa”. The class will include the construction of a basic mesa – one you can add to and develop yourself as you progress through life.

  • Medicine bundles across the globe – a short survey of the different approaches of different traditions
  • The structure and dynamics of the Q’ero mesa – using the four directions, cosmic orientation, wrapping time into your mesa
  • Khuyakuna – A “khuya” is a sacred object in a mesa. Most khuya’s are stones, but other objects can be used (such as religious symbols and crystals). How to introduce a new khuya into your mesa. How to cleanse and recharge khuya’s. How to remove or replace khuya’s. How to feed your mesa.
  • Using the mesa – cleansing and blessing with a mesa. The “kuti” mesa ceremony to avoid death, injury and bad luck. Using individual khuya’s for personal healing.

Working with nature – 2 classes

A shaman is in an active co-creative relationship with nature. Nature does not have to be fancy or big – weeds and plants protrude through concrete and brick in every city. Modern society has inherited a negative and disastrous attitude to the natural world from our industrial past.

This module will teach you how to form connections with nature, how to communicate with it and learn the teachings nature has to offer – teachings known to most indigenous peoples but lost in the modern world.

  • Understanding the spirits of nature – How spirits work in nature. Different types of nature spirits. Angels and archangels in nature.
  • Trees – trees are cosmic beings of immense power and wisdom. How to connect with a tree. Having a tree for a friend. Exchanging energy with a tree. Cosmic consciousness via trees. Self-healing with trees. Sacred trees.
  • Water – water carries power and cleansing. Connecting with rivers and lakes. Working with spirits of water (nustas and nymphs). Chakra cleansing with water. Traditional Q’ero techniques for psychic clearing with water. Natural cleansing with streams and rain. Making holy water.
  • Sacred sites – sacred sites are all around us. Many are publicly known, but many more are only discernible with the correct skills. How to approach and leave a site. Communicating with the spirits of sites. Locating “hidden” sites.
  • Wind – winds and storms are great spirit beings. How to connect to a wind spirit. Purification with wind. Valkyries and other wind beings.

About your teacher

Dr. Owen Roberts, PhD 

Originally of Welsh origin, Owen studied Core Shamanism in Australia and worked in the Aboriginal community. While in Australia he also studied Tarot, Hermeticism, Kabbalah and Jungian Psychoanalysis. He studied psychic healing at the London College of Psychic Studies.  Having studied Tarot for over 35 years, Owen developed and teaches our highly successful Diploma in Professional Tarot Reading.  Owen is a graduate and former employee of the USA’s Four Winds Shamanic Institute with certificates in Healing the Light Body, Soul Retrieval and Advanced Shamanism. He studied traditional Despacho ceremony under the Peruvian P’aqo (or shaman) Don Sebastian Apaza for 5 years and has received from him the 3 initiations of the Hatun Karpay Yannapa (or Great Lightning Initiation) which qualify him as a P’aqo in the Don Sebastian’s tradition. Owen also has a PhD in Western Philosophy and a BPhil from the Pontifical University.  Owen’s work has been to fuse traditional shamanism with the western traditions of Kabbalah, classical mythology and psychoanalysis.

Dates & Times


Foundation in Shamanism

  • January 19 – Introducing shamanism
  • January 26 – Metaphysics of shamanism
  • February 2 & 9 – Journeying into the spirit realms
  • February 16 & 23 – Acquiring spirit allies
  • March 2 – Shamanic tools

Living Shamanically

  • March 9 – Altars
  • March 16 – Fire ceremony
  • March 23 & 30 – Working with the ancestors
  • April 6 – Making a medicine bundle
  • April 13 & 20 – Working with nature


  • GMT (UK, Ireland): 20:00
  • Central European Time (CET): 21:00
  • Irish Time: 8pm
  • USA – see the list below for your state
  • Europe – see the list below for your country

US Start Times for each US Timezone:

Each class is 2 hours.

European Start Times for each country

Each class is 2 hours.

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