Maternity Massage Training Course

Professional Post-Graduate Certificate in Maternity Massage

Dates for Maternity Massage 2020

March: Saturday 28  9am – 6pm

This is a post–graduate massage training course.
It will enable you to practice Maternity Massage on expectant mothers .

We have structured and created a deluxe and deeply nurturing maternity massage for the expectant mother. We have taken into special consideration all of the areas of the body that may experience strain, weakness, muscle aches etc. We have taken into special consideration the systems of the body that are working harder and supporting the growing child within. This massage is unique, as in all Green Tara courses, in that as well as the top training in the practical massage we will introduce you to methods of connecting mother and baby in energetic ways so that both enjoy a soothing experience of connection, nurturing and healing. We have taken special care with the cautions and contraindications and rest assured you will be confident in your approach as you go forward to practice this wonderful therapeutic healing massage. It is a delight and privilege to perform and very rewarding.

You must hold a full body massage diploma, such as Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage,  Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Massage or Sports Massage, in order to practice professionally. However, you may attend the course if you hold Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage or training as a Beauty Specialist.

To practice professionally students must hold a recognized qualification in Anatomy & Physiology and a body massage Diploma. If you have other body qualifications you can double check with your insurance clients.

The aim of this course is to train you to a very high level. By the end of this course you will have a confident, detailed and broad knowledge of Maternity Massage and how to carry out a complete treatment. Holistic practitioners will be fully capable of entering the world of Maternity Massage confidence and expertise.

The course consists of an intensive one day workshop: 9am – 6.00pm.

You will receive an extensive manual and professional Certificate.

Course Contents:

  • Cautions & Contraindications
  • Explanation of specific massage techniques used and some new extra massage techniques
  • Physical support – how to support the mother and to use supports (e.g. pillows) to make her comfortable and relaxed and safe in order to receive the best massage possible.
  • Using the appropriate massage mediums e.g. which massage oil is suitable
  • Safety and care for clients when massage is completed, how to bring the client back to sitting and eventual standings positions with care and knowledge.
  • Maternity Massage for the full body including feet, hands and face
  • Performing the massage for and adapting for the various stages of pregnancy
  • Energetic techniques of clearing and balancing the client’s energies
  • Connecting with the client and the baby so that you can begin to understand the type of massage the body needs
  • Beautiful connection techniques for the mother and baby as they receive this luxurious healing treatment
  • Sealing in energy/Grounding energy when the massage is complete
  • Client Care and professionalism
  • Possible client reactions
  • The appropriate therapy space
  • Therapist Insurance and legality
  • Consultation methods specific to maternity massage
  • Forms & Disclaimers, we will provide you with sample disclaimers and forms that you will need and you can choose to use in your own practice.

Dates for Maternity Massage 2020

March: Saturday 28  9am – 6pm

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