Special Needs Reflexology (deposit) – August 2022


Reflexology for people with special needs (deposit)

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Post-graduate Reflexology for Special Needs (deposit)

Dates for  Special Needs Reflexology 2022-LIVE  ZOOM  TRAINING

Live interactive & supervised training.  You can gain insurance and CPD. Recognized training.
August:  Wednesday 24th  (Zoom Theory Class) – (7-10pm)
August:   Wednesday 31st  (Zoom Practical Class) -(7-10pm)
This course is 50% practically based and 50% theory so you will perform and receive the ID reflexology experience.
The first class is the extensive theory of the Reflexology , the second class is Practical.
You will have a person to work on at home if possible.
You will have access to videos of the techniques and the treatment also via Moodle.

[Course Description]