Learn to use the I Ching

The I Ching is China’s greatest oracle

The I Ching is a profound system for asking questions and receiving guidance from spirit.  It has been in continuous, popular, use in Chinese civilization for almost 3,000 years old.  It speaks in a clear, unambiguous voice, offering profound wisdom for every situation.

The I Ching is designed for you to ask questions for yourself, to receive a profound guidance from one of the greatest sources of wisdom known to the human race. The I Ching is truly staggering in its accuracy and wisdom.  The I Ching does not predict the future.  It offers guidance on how to act now.

October 2 & 9, 2023

“Very hands on course on how to work with the I Ching. Can recommend. Where other types of divination can take many hours of practise to make any practical use of, I experienced that the I Ching gave me quite accurate answers to my questions from the first encounter. Owen is a very knowledgable and skilled teacher.”  – Mahlene R.

The great Chinese sage, Confucius, spent most of his life dismissing oracles and other methods of “magic”.  When he finally, towards the end of his life, looked into the I Ching, he said he wished he had another 50 years in which to study it, so deep is the wisdom of the I Ching.

The I Ching charts the movements of Yin and Yang which form the dynamic flow of living energy which makes the cosmos.  It teaches you how to act in harmony with the energies of the moment – when to move and when to sit still, when to accept and when to resist, when to acquire and when to let go.  More than this, it tells you how to do so in every situation.

No issue is too trivial or too big for the I Ching.  The more you use it, the better it gets.

The I Ching is not a system – it is an intelligence.  Consulting the I Ching is like speaking with a wise old man.  If you are kidding yourself, the I Ching will tell you so.  If you refuse to listen and keep asking the same question, hoping for a different answer, it will call you a fool.  But it is also extremely clever – politics, business, relationships, and any other aspect of your life – the I Ching will offer clever solutions to all your problems.

Learning how to consult the I Ching

This course will teach you how to consult the I Ching and understand its answers.

The process for consulting the I Ching is not complex, but it is a little strange.  Essentially, one consults a book – the “Book of Changes”.  The book is divided into 64 sections, each of which can have up to 64 permutations.  These lead to a section of text which answers your question.

This short course, over 3 weeks, will teach you how to find the appropriate section in the book and how to understand its meaning.

What you will get from this course

By the end of this course you will be familiar with the I Ching and comfortable using it as a guide in daily life.  You will have acquired an invaluable, staggeringly accurate aid for every situation, every problem, every decision in your life.  And the more you use it, the better it will get.  You will have an invaluable aid for the rest of your life.

“It’s quite different from other divination tools. It’s a one-on-one system that you can use directly for yourself. Owen’s approach makes it easy to grasp the overall concept, very helpful slides and the selection of the Wing book makes it useful to understand the message from the I Ching.” – Michelle M.

Dates and times

The course will be taught over Zoom, for 2 hours each class, on Mondays.  Class times and dates are:


2 October 2023
9 October 2023


  • UK/GMT: 7pm
  • EU CET: 20:00
  • Irish Time: 7pm
  • USA – see the list below for your state
  • Europe – see the list below for your country

US Start Times for each US Timezone:

Each class is 2 hours.

European Start Times for each country

Each class is 2 hours.

Your I Ching Book

You will need a copy of the I Ching book for this course.

The original I Ching is, of course, in Chinese.  There are hundreds of English translations.  Some are easier to understand than others.  In this course, we will use R.L. Wing’s excellent “The I Ching Workbook.”

If you do not have a copy, you can buy one from Amazon by clicking the link below.  

You will also need 3 coins to toss.  It does not matter what coins they are so long as they are all the same and have a clear difference between heads and tails.

About your teacher

Dr. Owen Roberts has been using the I Ching for over 40 years. 

Dr. Owen Roberts, PhD.

Originally of Welsh origin, Owen studied Core Shamanism in Australia and worked in the Aboriginal community. While in Australia he also studied Tarot, Hermeticism, Kabbalah and Jungian Psychoanalysis. He studied psychic healing at the London College of Psychic Studies.  Having studied Tarot for over 35 years, Owen developed and teaches our highly successful Diploma in Professional Tarot Reading.  Owen is a graduate and former employee of the USA’s Four Winds Shamanic Institute with certificates in Healing the Light Body, Soul Retrieval and Advanced Shamanism. Owen also has a PhD in Western Philosophy and a BPhil from the Pontifical University.  Owen’s work has been to fuse traditional shamanism with the western traditions of Kabbalah, classical mythology and psychoanalysis.

Owen studied traditional Despacho ceremony under the Peruvian P’aqo (or shaman) Don Sebastian Succlle Apaza for 8 years and has received from him the Mosoq Karpay initiation which qualifies him as a P’aqo in the Don Sebastian’s tradition.  Owen continues to study under P’aqos from that region.

“I am honored to receive the profound wisdom embedded in the Quechuan understanding of life.  It is a privilege to bring this wisdom to our students.  The P’aqo Nan, path of the P’aqo, is a profound approach to healing of self, community, and our relationship with nature. My aim is to make this wisdom accessible to all while staying as true to it as possible.” 

Student review:

I will take any course you teach! You have a wealth of knowledge and your courses are taught in a clear and thorough manner while fairly priced and packed with valuable resources. I most appreciate your professionalism and approachable teaching style (your honest, no bull shit, practical approach to teaching and your openness to questions and your patience and kindness to all students).” – Sarah

Courses Taught:



I will take any course you teach! You have a wealth of knowledge and your courses are taught in a clear and thorough manner while fairly priced and packed with valuable resources. I most appreciate your professionalism and approachable teaching style (your honest, no bull shit, practical approach to teaching and your openness to questions and your patience and kindness to all students).

I started this course with no knowledge of the I Ching and I completed with a strong foundation and great curiosity to develop a deeper awareness of myself and the universe around me. You have helped create a grounded approach to the occult/spiritual studies that I was missing from most of the other training programs I have attended. I am grateful that you offer these courses online and appreciate the sacred knowledge you have a passed on to me. Best,” Sara.

“I’m so happy that I have signed up for this course. Prior to signing up to the course I was trying to understand how to use I-Ching oracle for a long time by reading instructions in different books but I found it quite confusing.  Owen is a wonderful teacher and the course content is presented clearly with examples that make understanding how to cast coins and read the oracle a breeze. The course was fun and I learned how to use the I-Ching. I enjoyed it very much and I highly recommend it. If you are trying to decide whether to sign up or not I would say just sign up – you will be delighted with the course.” – S.L.