Refresher Reflexology – balance payment-Sept 2022


Balance payment – Refresher Reflexology 2022

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 Refresher Reflexology-balance payment – sept 2022

Dates for Refresher Reflexology – LIVE ZOOM TRAINING
Live interactive & supervised training.  You can gain insurance and CPD

Recognized training.

Certificate in Refresher Reflexology 2023
  Wednesday 06  (Zoom theory class) – (7-10pm)

September:   Wednesday  13 (Zoom practical Class-you will need a volunteer to work on)
September:   Wednesday  20 (Zoom practical Class-you will need a volunteer to work on)
if you wish to bring your Reflexology knowledge further – we recommend:

Certificate in Advanced Reflexology Techniques

Wednesday  27  (Zoom Theory Class) – (7-10pm)
October:  Wednesday 04  (Zoom Practical Class) -(7-10pm)

The first class is the extensive theory and the second class is Practical.
You will have a person to work on at home if possible for the practical elements if you wish
You will have access to videos of the techniques and the treatment also via Moodle.


Refresher Reflexology