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ITEC Certificate in Diet & Nutrition L3UK

ITEC approved college

Open to all – no previous study or experience necessary
via Zoom – no travel!

                             Starting November 2023-qualify April 2024
                      DN-dates autumn 2023
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The ITEC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition is especially geared for the holistic therapist who wishes to gain a professional qualification in Diet & Nutrition, so you can then gain insurance to recommend vitamins, minerals, and advise on diet for clients.

This Diploma is a stand alone qualification,  Anatomy is not  required 

This Diploma is an excellent necessary additional qualification for the Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Sports Therapist, Beautician, Reiki Practitioner, etc.

If you wish to practice professionally as a Holistic Diet & Nutrition coach or advisor you need to take the Anatomy and Business module.

Through your experience of working with clients – or indeed in your own life and the lives of your family and friends – you will undoubtedly have had the experience of feeling the need to take vitamins, wondering about the correct diet for your health, or wanting to help others through various health issues – from infant years to teenage years and adulthood to maturity.

Image by Jill Wellington from PixabayThis course provides those who are interested in diet & nutrition with the key information needed to provide their clients with healthy eating advice in accordance with government guidelines. This qualification is suitable for those employed in complementary, holistic and health & fitness therapies.

The phrase you are what you eat has incredible meaning when applied to modern diet’s over-reliance on highly processed, high fat, low-nutrient foods. By having a more complete understanding of the beneficial effects of proper diet on the individual, therapists improve the quality of their client’s home life and professional care advice – which in turn promotes term health care and disease prevention.

This course will give you an understanding of all of the processes involved: how the body extracts nutrients from food, how it uses nutrients and problems to deficiency or excess of these nutrients. By giving you a focus on dietary related ailments and conditions, you will learn how to design plans to improve those conditions in your clients. You will learn to individually assess the specific nutritional requirements of clients and give healthy lifestyle advice suited to those requirements. By recording progress of the dietary plan over a suitable period, you will learn to track the progress of healthy dietary changes – giving support and encouragement as needed.

Our aim at Green Tara College is to offer you excellent training in a personal supportive way. We operate an open door policy and our commitment is to help you in any way we can to achieve your goals and dreams.

All of the holistic courses at Green Tara have a basis and foundation within the spiritual and holistic approach. You will find throughout your training that you are also being gently taken on your own personal journey.

You may just want to take the training for yourself or family, but upon successful completion of the course you will come out confident to use this exciting knowledge.

We have structured the course over weekends with mostly one day a month to make it accessible and easy to attend, both time-wise and if you are travelling a distance – especially for people from all over the country.

Image by Adelia Rosalinda from Pixabay We have included in the course a free optional choice of our holistic on energy management, protection and therapist care which you will find a very enjoyable and enlightening experience.  If the module does not appeal to you, there is the option of not taking it; however it will provide you with a strong basis of the way in which holistic health and therapies work – and in particular how our emotions and thoughts influence our health, alongside learning personal energy protection and manifestation techniques that can contribute towards making your life more peaceful, happy and efficient.

Our College always aims to have  student-based learning with an open door policy, and we have one-to-one meeting opportunities for feedback throughout the year.

Students are assessed continuously throughout their course and given individual support and encouragement as needed. Their final result is achieved through passing a multiple-choice question paper which counts for 50% of their overall result. The rest of their grade is achieved by completing 5 client case studies (this means that you practice with people and take records of their progress).

Previous qualifications

If you hold a diploma from another qualification body then you are still eligible to take this diploma and do not need to take Anatomy & Physiology again.

Course Content

Diet & Nutrition Module

  • Understanding how digestion works and how our bodies absorb vitamins and nutrients
  • Understanding the importance of water in our diet and the possible effects of dehydration
  • Learning and exploring the roles in our diet of calories, fats/lipids, carbohydrates, cholesterol, protein, fiber
  • Learning and investigating the role of the vitamins and minerals in our diet and their effects
  • Learning and understanding about antioxidants and how we can best source and use them
  • Learning the dietary and nutritional value of the food types in our diet and the role of refined and unrefined foods
  • Looking at how we process food and how it reaches the stage it does when it arrives on our table
  • Learning about the damage of environmental pollutants, the effects of additives
  • Learning about various diet types and the disorders associated with them, e.g. the gluten, vegetarian, vegan, lactose vegetarian, wheat free, nut free and dairy intolerance diets
  • Learning about obesity, anorexia, Bulimia, Diabetes and all disorders related to an imbalanced diet
  • Learning how eating particular foods or abstaining from particular foods can help or hinder conditions such as Asthma, Appendicitis, Cirrhosis of the liver, Jaundice, Heartburn, IBS, Ulcers, Hernia, stress, gallstones, Candida, diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis,  Migraine, Eczema, Psoriasis, cellulite, PMT, Arthritis, water retention, Cystitis, flus and colds etc.
  • Learn how to bring a balanced and healthy diet into your life covering areas such as how to eat healthy for you, storage methods, preparing food etc.

Examination and Assessments for the Diet & Nutrition Module:

  • On-going Assessments: There are on-going assessments throughout the year which must be completed for class
  • Written Examination: There will be a 30-minute, multiple-choice examination of 25 questions
  • Case Studies: Presentation of 20 hours of case studies where you treat your client with dietary and nutritional advice (5 people for 4 treatments sessions)

ITEC approved collegeITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition – Level 3 UK & International

Upon successful completion of all the Modules you will carry the internationally recognized ITEC qualification which enables you to gain insurance as a Diet & Nutrition adviser for Holistic Therapies. You as the practitioner will have acquired the skills to communicate and facilitate the client in consultation.

Energy Management Module

This is a free module we offer to anybody (normally €150.00) who has not previously taken this training with Green Tara College. It really adds to your understanding of the nature of people – and especially in connecting the emotional and mental effect of thoughts and life episodes in people’s lives.

You will receive a Certificate in Energy Management & Awareness from Green Tara College

Course Content:

  • What is energy – and understanding energy
  • Correct breathing, breath and energy
  • Why we need energy control
  • Techniques for protection
  • Techniques to increase the therapist’s energy and energy ability
  • The mind and energy
  • Room clearance
  • Room blessing
  • House clearance
  • House blessing
  • Helping the clients to heal through energy
  • Increasing the effect of the treatment incorporating subtle energy techniques
  • Working with guides and angels for protection
  • Attracting all that is good and beautiful
  • Techniques for dealing with negative and psychic attack
  • Manifesting with energy
  • Creating a safe energetic space to work in
  • Dealing with ‘heavy energy’ clients
  • Grounding in your everyday life
  • Grounding during your treatment
  • Protecting the client
  • Grounding the client
  • Bringing healing to the client
  • Self energy building techniques
  • Daily lifestyle and energy building


The College will provide all necessary teaching equipment. The equipment that you will need is minimal and includes:

  • Large ring binder folder to hold A4 Sheets
  • Clip Board
  • Hair ties/ hair band
  • Antibacterial hand gel, Dettol equipment, wipes for all classes
  • Professional Therapist Uniform to be worn to all classes – all black trousers with crease in front appropriate length, (no jeans or leggings), tunic, fully covered low heeled shoes, black socks – Extra black clothing e.g. cardigans, visible undergarments
  • A working email address and access to the internet
  • Books: You will be supplied with an in-depth essential course manual: 
    Nutrition: a Practical Approach by Suzanne Le Quensne, from Thomson Learning 2006

Qualification Requirements

  • 100% commitment is required
  • Completion and submission of 20 hours of Case Studies
  • ½  hour multiple-choice ITEC examination paper in Diet & Nutrition
  • Continual assessment of Course Work
  • Various College assignments throughout the year

Enrolment and entry qualifications

  • Have a keen interest in Nutrition and Health
  • Have an acceptable knowledge & capability of written and oral English
  • Completed Application Form (Confidential)
  • Course Deposit: Non-refundable
  • Examination Fee: Non-refundable
  • Agree to follow Green Tara College & ITEC Code of Ethics
  • Signed College Contract of Conditions
  • Places are awarded following a College Interview via telephone or face to face

Dates Diet & Nutrition -Wednesdays (7-10pm)- via Zoom 
November:  01 & 15. 
December: 13 & 10- (Sunday 10: 9am-12pm – digestive system)
10, 24 & 31,
February: 07, 14.
March: 13 & 27-(all case studies 7 assignments submitted and passed by this date)
April:  03  & 10 & 17 
ITEC Final Assessments April 2024 – Saturday 27-ITEC final MCQ  (keep 9am-1pm free)

Optional free course & certificate- the holistic aspects!
Energy Management & Energetic applications of your therapy – via zoom (optional free course)
January 2024: Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 – Times: 10am-6.00pm both days

All assignments and case studies are completed, approved and submitted on or before April 01 2024


Option 1 – One module Diet & Nutrition – €995.00 special offer when paid upfront  (normally €1295.00 ) exam fee not included €250.00 must be paid with the booking

  1. ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition only (includes free energy management certified course -optional)

Option 2- Two  modules- €1350.00  (exam fee of  €345.00) not included

  1. ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition
  2. Certificate in Energy Management-free optional course, certified
  3. ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

Option 3- Four modules- €1495.00  (exam fee of  €495.00) not included

  1. ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition
  2. Certificate in Energy Management-free optional course
  3. ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
  4. ITEC Certificate in Business & Client Care

Option 4 – Four Modules with a Body Therapy (massage or reflexology or reiki -special offer €1995.00!
save €1000.00 -exam fees not included of €445.00)

  1. Diploma in Diet & Nutrition
  2. Certificate in Energy Management
  3. ITEC Certificate in Business & Client Care
  4. Consider taking a Body Diploma along with Diet & Nutrition (e.g. Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and/or Reiki Diplomas)